Between Book Break: The Wettening. I mean The Tightening. I mean The So Wet and So Tight, So Very, Very Wet and Tight

So, one of the major problems I have with LKH’s writing is she tends to overuse descriptors and phrases. To the point where every time you see them, you just roll your eyes because of course, what else could the character be?

In this case, anytime there’s a sex scene, one character has to either voice how wet, or how tight, or how wet and tight, or how tight but not wet, or how wet but not tight Merry is. If no one speaks it out loud, Merry definitely thinks it. It happens in both the Merry Gentry AND Anita Blake series, so if you’ve read them both, like I have, this just sticks out like crazy to you. It’s super aggravating, but at the same time, super hilarious to me to think that this is the magical descriptor that LKH chooses to use to SHOW US just how ready for sex Merry/Anita happens to be.

So, I’ve done my duty to you, friends, and have counted down the most ridiculous of the wet and tight and so wet and so tight comments in the Merry Gentry series. You can thank me later.

Note: each line is it’s own quote. I tried to best fit the ones in conversation together. 

Book 1: A Kiss of Shadows

“You’re tight – not ready for me – but you are wet.”

My body opened to him, no longer tight, just wet.

Book 2: A Caress of Twilight

When he found me wet and open, he pushed himself inside me, and even wet, he had to work himself in.

Kitto slid inside me, and I was more than wet, more than ready.

Book 3: Seduced by Moonlight

Actually, there’s nothing in this book that fits the criteria. Rejoice!

Book 4: A Stroke of Midnight

I could no longer keep the tip of him from the end of me, but it didn’t hurt now. Now it was wet and open and ready.

“You’re not wet enough,” Nicca said. It took me two swallows to say with a suddenly dry throat, “Bath, always does that.” “Odd that such wetness makes a woman dry.”

My voice came breathy. “Then make me wet.”

His voice came hoarse. “So wet.”

“Consort, but I love it when she feels like this,” he said. “Like what?” Galen asked. “Tight and wet.”

Book 5: Mistral’s Kiss

His voice was strangled as he said, “You’re still wet.”

Mistral’s hand stroked my ass, and I felt him rub against my opening. The front of me was sore, but the rest of me was eager. “You’re wet,” Mistral said.

I slipped the head of him inside me, and found I was almost too tight. I’d performed all the foreplay on him, and received none for myself. I was wet from the pleasure, but tight, so very tight. He managed to gasp out, “You’re not open enough.”

“Then I want to feel you force your way into me. I want to feel each inch push inside while I’m this tight.”

Book 6: A Lick of Frost

I felt the head of him pushing against me, but I was still too tight for the angle. I said, “You’ll need to use a finger to start. I’m too tight with no foreplay for this position.”

He forced himself inside me, fighting the tightness and the lack of wetness of my body.

Book 7: Swallowing Darkness

Again, for a book with such a sexual title, there’s no mention of how tight or wet Merry’s vag is! Go book go!

Book 8: Divine Misdemeanors

Then, he began to pull himself back out, and then the push in, and finally I was wet enough.

“Goddess, she’s so wet, but tight.” “Not as tight as she was before I had my turn,” Ivi said.

He pushed himself inside me and I was too tight for him to do it all in one thrust. He had to work his way in, but I was already wet, just tight.

It made him begin to pull himself out from inside me, giving himself enough room so that one of the small tentacles could slide between my legs and find that small, sweet spot just under my hood, so that while he began to push his body in and out between my legs, working at the wetness and tightness, another of those small eager mouths sucked at me. [note: HELLO RUN ON SENTENCE]

I lifted my hips to help him find his way and suddenly he was sliding inside me. “So tight, but so wet.”

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