There’s a lot of bad books out there. There’s a lot of bad books masquerading as popular, New York Times Bestsellers. In this blog, we break down for you why they’re bad and what makes them so ridiculous.

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Technical writer by day, wannabe fiction writer by night. Doer of Too Much. Owner of one big doggo, one smol doggo, three small cats and one husband. Reads mostly fantasy and urban fantasy. Writes mostly fantasy, urban fantasy and APIs. Dislikes the Oxford comma and will fight you over this.

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Prolific reader by day, prolific fiction writer in her own little mind! Doer of Very Little, Actually. Owner of one medium-sized dog, new auntie of two little kittens, and mother of one precocious toddler. Used to write constantly, currently paints constantly instead—though the writing bug keeps threatening to bite! Tragically grew up using the Oxford comma, and thus may be Heidi’s ultimate nemesis!