Swallowing Darkness – Chapter 48: The End

Chapter 48, which is the last chapter of this story, begins with an update.

Since Merry gave up the Unseelie crown, Andais still rules. Taranis rules over the Seelie court still, but Merry’s lawyers are still trying to get him to submit a DNA sample so that they can both prove he’s not a father of her children and that he indeed raped her.

Before leaving for L.A., Merry had Barinthus freed from Andais’s prison. He returned to L.A. with her, and now works for her.

For some reason, Merry’s back to working at the detective agency she started the series working at, which just LOL. Good job trying to shoehorn that back into the story.

I would almost prefer this being an abrupt ending like all the others had been. A full chapter full of short updates as to what they’ve been doing since returning to L.A. is boring as fuck. I don’t care at all about these characters, I don’t care what they’re up to, I just don’t care. You would think after 7 books, I’d at least like someone from the series, but even the few I am okay with I end up despising after a few chapters.

I am Princess Meredith NicEssus and I finally have my happy-ever-after ending in the City of Angels on the Shores of the Western Sea. Sometimes Fairyland is where you make it.

And with that, we close Merry Gentry book 7: Swallowing Darkness.

I’m going to be taking some time off the blog for a bit. As much as I have enjoyed bringing these updates to you again, life has sort of gotten in the way again. 2020 has been especially brutal, and that’s WITHOUT the pandemic even being a thing.

I hope that anyone reading this is having a better year than I am. I hope you are all safe and your loved ones are safe. And I hope you’ll be back in a month or two when I hope to bring you book 8 of this series.

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