Book Giveaway Time!

Hi friends!

I want to show how appreciative I am of everyone who takes time out of their days to read and like and comment on my posts. It makes me so happy to get to interact with others who have either read the Merry Gentry series before and are sick of LKH’s bullshit, or are new to the series and reading my reviews as a way to NOT have to actually sift through the really boring parts of the series (like 90%).

I’m actively trying to grow this blog and increase readership, so if anyone who enjoys this blog could help me reach some new followers, I’d super appreciate it! Or any tips/tricks/advice to help grow my blog.

I’ve sort of taken a little time off, since I have some major life changes ahead of me. I’ll announce more about that later, if anyone is interested. My writing/review partner, Sarah, has also had to take some time off, due to some unforeseen life changes as well, so the updates haven’t been as regular as they used to be. I super apologize for that! Once we’re back on track, though, I really plan on investing a lot more time into growing this blog into more reviews, more writers, and more posts each day!

In the interim, I want to show my appreciation for all you who have stuck by me during this time, or recently added my blog to your follow list. Every time I see a new follower, or a new comment, it truly makes my day! I’m happy to know I can bring a little bit of joy into the world by reviewing this terrible, awful, no good, very bad series.

So, I want to do a book giveaway! Winner’s choice! I will send one person who comments on this post a Kindle book of your choosing from the below list:

Book 1 – Rosemary and Rue (Book 1 of the October Daye series) by Seanan McGuire

The Toby Daye series is another urban fantasy series involving faeries, but it does it SO MUCH BETTER than LKH could ever dream of. I’ve read through the entire series once and am planning a reread very shortly. It’s quickly become one of my top ten favorite series.

Book 2 – Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ve seen my Weekend Respite series, where I have basically been fawning over this series for a while. I made it my Goodreads 2018 reading goal to finish the entire series, and while I failed at that, I DID finish both Erikson’s main 10 book series AND ICE’s side series, which is a huge accomplishment. This is not for everyone – an epic high fantasy sort of akin to Game of Thrones but 1) way better, 2) way more punishing, and 3) actually finished.

Book 3 – Any book by Jonathan Charles Bruce

Jonathan is one of my absolute best friends in this entire world, and he’s also a published author who has written some amazing books. There’s three available, and each is in a different genre (Project Northwoods: Action/Adventure/Superheroes; Washed Hands: Mystery; Improbables: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance (sorta?)). Improbables is my pick, but they’re all fantastic.

So, if you want to be considered, please first follow this blog and leave me a comment on this post! Only caveat – I want to see at least 20 comments (from different people!) on this post before I choose from the commenters randomly for a winner. I will leave this giveaway active for two weeks, and you must be a follower of my blog to win. Happy commenting, guys!



10 responses to “Book Giveaway Time!

  1. Don’t enter me in the raffle (haha, my kindle is so old I can’t have new books on it, thx amazon), but I wanted to drop a line to say that this blog makes my work days so much better. I’ve literally never been interested in either of the series being reviewed, but having these posts to read on my lunch break has been an excellent assist for some of my social anxiety. Whatever’s going on in my life, it’s NONE OF THIS STUFF, WOW. (what a relief)

    So I just wanted to thank y’all for taking the time to run this blog, and hope that everyone’s life situation works out for the best. I’ll be here, reading along, and wondering how these books can get worse. (oddly, still surprised EVERY TIME when it does, indeed, get worse!)

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    • Aw, thank you so much! As much of a slog as it is to get through the MG books sometimes, it really makes me happy to hear that people are actually enjoying it! This means so much to to me 🙂


    • Aww, that is so great to hear 😁 I’m trying hard to get back into my Betsy reviews and I feel terrible I’ve had such a long hiatus, but hopefully very soon you’ll see some updates!! ❤️🥰


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  3. Ooo, free books. I love free books. I have both the Tobey Daye and Mazalan books (I think I have ebooks of all of the main series and quite of few of the ones by Esslemont), so if I’m selected I’d like a copy of The Improbables. It sounds like fun!


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