A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 29: Master needs to make a baby! Kitto cannot help Master!

Chapter 29 begins with Galen holding Kitto, basically in his lap, in the tub while Merry starts tracing her fingers around Kitto’s body. This is already so disgusting to me I don’t even want to read this chapter. I can’t stop picturing Kitto as Dobby, and in earlier books LKH kept describing Kitto with childlike adjectives, and so, in my mind, he’s an eleven year old house elf. It’s so gross. Any sex scene with Kitto is just so fucking gross.

Kitto is pretty much in ecstasy, but then he realizes that he should not have sex with Merry. Not now, at least, because two other half-sidhe goblins, Holly and Ash, have issued a challenge to any goblin who does anything to attempt to become Merry’s king (meaning get her pregnant, since fey marriage laws are super fucked up) before they have their chance will be challenged. Kitto tells Merry that she needs to fear Holly and Ash, as they are quite formidable.

“How dangerous are the twins?” Nicca asked.

“They are some of the most feared warriors of our court,” Kitto said.

“They looked sort of puny standing next to the Red Caps,” Galen said.

“I do not know what this ‘puny’ means,” Kitto said.

“Small, weak,” I said.

Kitto acknowledged it with a nod. “But size is not everything in combat. Holly and Ash have a reputation for viciousness among the goblins.”

I stopped petting Kitto and went very still, because what he’d just said put things in perspective for me.

See, it’s descriptions like that that make any sex scenes with Kitto, or really any dealings with Kitto, so disturbing. Petting? She stopped petting Kitto? Like you would a puppy? Stop.

Anyway, Merry wonders why Holly and Ash never bothered joining the Unseelie court, since they pretty much resembled pure sidhe, minus their eyes. Kitto doesn’t know but mentions how, in the goblin court, until Holly and Ash grew big enough and gained enough skill, they were pretty much raped constantly.

“It’s not easy for a woman to rape a man,” I said.

“It is possible,” Nicca said, and he leaned his face against the one folded arm that graded the edge of the tub. His other arm was deeper in the water, as if he sought something below its surface. “The queen is fond of force.”

Okay, first off, let’s stop with this ‘women can’t rape men’ thing. I’ve seen it across SO MANY different paranormal romance novels. Rape is still rape no matter if the person doing it is woman or a vampire or a faerie or a shifter or their culture allows it or whatever. It’s still goddamn rape.

Everyone is now fully subdued or sad or whatever, so of course they gotta start discussing who’s gonna be doing what re: the eventual (I fucking hope) sex. Kitto says he’ll just help everyone get clean and leave it to them, but Nicca suggests Kitto let Merry do other things to him to help ease his mind and heart. Kitto doesn’t want that either, as in goblin culture the one performing oral sex is viewed as the lesser being, and he’s definitely not lesser to Merry. But since the sidhe don’t view it that way, he thinks it might be okay, especially now that he’s fully sidhe.

He then admits that he’s never experienced oral sex before – Galen flat out asks him if he’s ever “let anyone do oral sex on you” which is just phrased so oddly. This excites Merry, as she’s never been first to do this. The chapter ends with Kitto begging for oral, Nicca begging for regular sex, and them all shivering because they mentioned how Andais would not allow Nicca to partake only in oral sex, since, remember, baby is goal.

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