2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge – 3 Month Progress

We’re now a bit over 3 months into the year, and I should probably give some sort of update on my progress thus far:

I’m not doing too well.

I’ve completed the first three Malazan Book of the Fallen books: Gardens of the Moon, Deadhouse Gates, and Memories of Ice. I’ve also completed almost two non-MBotF books becauseĀ this shit is deep and I needed a between book breather.

Holy hell did I forget how both Deadhouse Gates and Memories of Ice gut you at the end. I was not prepared for that.

So, I’m amending my 2018 goal a bit. I hope to finish at least half of the series in 2018. This allows me to complete the series in 2 years while still taking a little time off between books to switch to something else if needed. And so far I’ve needed it.

I’m also almost halfway through my final semester of my degree, and it has also been punishing. To graduate in May, I have to maintain at least a B- average in my two classes. So far, I’ve been getting A’s on the weekly stats assignments (which in itself is a bit of a miracle), and I got an A on the first paper in my theory class. This has been no small feat.

My average days of late have been: wake up around 6am, get to work by 7-7:30. Work until 4-5pm. Mondays I have my Anthro Theory class from 5:30-8:10. Tuesdays, I work on Anthro Stats readings from 5:30-9. Wednesdays I work on Anthro Stats homework from 5:30-9. Thursdays and Fridays I will work on Theory readings. I take Saturdays off for errands and relaxing. Sundays I review all my weekly homework/readings and submit it. I also get about 1 hour to read before bed most nights. Lately, though, I find I’m way too tired at night to read for more than 20 minutes, so my reading progress has been a bit slow.

However! This semester ends in May, I should graduate (hopefully on the Dean’s list for my final semester!), and life can go back to being relatively normal for a time. Which means more time for reading! So, who knows, I may amend the goal a bit more this summer once my life has stabilized.

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