Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 begins with Sage staring at his newly-sidhe eyes in a mirror. Merry is staring at him and finds herself now oddly attracted to him, and it unnerves her. Hahaha how superficial. But I guess Sage is really affecting her, because we get like 4 pages of Merry talking to herself trying to calm down.
Stop it, Meredith, stop it. I tried not to think, but only to count my breaths. I took air deep into my body, and let it out slowly. When my pulse was calm, I started to count not the deep, even breaths, but just to count. When I reached sixty, I lowered my hands slowly.
I was staring into washboard abs so sculpted they looked artificial. I knew that stomach. I gazed up and found Rhys’s chest, and finally his face. “Are you all right, Merry?”
Merry’s not sure, and she realizes that for some reason she feels afraid, but she cannot figure out what she’s not suddenly afraid of. She feels something on the bed move, and her attention is drawn to Nicca, who comes over to Merry to comfort her. The minute he touches her shoulders, she instantly feels calmed. Rhys again asks her if she’s okay, but instead of answering she tells him to go get Doyle.
Rhys leaves, and Merry starts staring at Nicca’s newly formed wings. It was as if the tattooed-wings just sprang to life from his back. Then there is the LONGEST PARAGRAPH IN THE WORLD describing how beautiful and colorful and whatever they are. Nicca is drawn to her, and they start kissing. Then, Nicca bites Merry gently, but then tells Merry he wants to sink his teeth into her flesh, he wants to feed off of Merry’s body.
He can’t quite explain what he wants from Merry. He doesn’t want to eat Merry’s flesh, or drink her blood, or even have sex with her, but he’s finding himself drawn to her, as if she is going to cover all his basic needs. Doyle appears in the door and tells them that Merry has become the Goddess, and what Nicca craves is the touch of the divine.
Doyle tells Merry that she needs sleep badly, and he lays her down on the bed. As soon as she lays down, and Doyle knees beside her, she feels this pressure that was in the room leave, and everything feels like it is back to normal. Doyle then notices that the magic cup had fallen off the side table and had rolled under the bed, but it wasn’t natural. The silk pillowcase they had wrapped it in lay in a perfectly folded rectangle under the cup.
“As I said, Merry, the chalice has a mind of its own, but I would move it farther from the bed if I were you. Otherwise you will have a busy night every time one of us comes to you.”
I shivered. “What’s happening, Doyle?”
“The Goddess has decided to become busy among us once more, so it would seem.”
“Explain that,” I said.
He looked up at me. “The chalice has returned, and on the day of its return Her grace pours upon us once more. Cromm Cruach walks among us once more, as does Conchenn. Those of us who were gods are returning to our former glory, and some who were never gods are being visited with such powers as they never dreamt to have.”
“The Goddess is using Merry as a messenger,” Rhys said. He frowned and shook his head. “No, Merry is like the flesh version of the chalice. It fills with grace and pours upon us.”
So Merry is apparently the Goddess’s vessel of power or some crap. Cool, she needed super powers.
Sage then asks Doyle to look at his eyes, to see what Merry did with her power. Doyle asks Sage if he’s shifted to his normal demi-fey size body since the sex, since the sidhe eyes formed, and Sage begins wailing. Merry moves over to comfort him, and he pushes her away screaming at her to not touch him.
“You have stolen my wings from me, Merry,” he said, and there was a look on his face, of such unbearable loss, that I moved toward him. I had to hold him. Had to touch him Had to try to take that look from his eyes.
He held a pale yellow hand out toward me. “No, no more, Merry. I have had enough of the sidhe for one night.”


Apparently, to the demi-fey, if they have wings but not the ability to fly, as now Sage and Nicca have, they are cursed. Flight, to the demi-fey, is the most important things in their lives. The chapter ends with Sage cursing all the “wicked, wicked sidhe” for turning into something that will never experience the true joy of the demi-fey again, then storming off like a petulant child. 

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