Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 begins with Doyle telling Rhys to go after Sage, to make sure that Sage doesn’t do anything to harm himself. Merry worries that, because both Sage and Rhys are nude, a paparazzi or photographer or whatever will see them and they’ll get bad publicity. She then realizes that there are more important things than that to worry about, and tells the group that she meant Sage no harm.
“The sidhe are at their most dangerous when they mean us no harm,” Frost said, and his voice held a bitterness that I’d never heard before.
“It’s my night,” Nicca said. He hadn’t taken part in the conversation until now, and when I looked into his brown eyes what I saw tightened things low in my body. His need was so raw, and it wasn’t the gentle need that he usually held, but something far more fierce.
“Look at you,” Doyle said. “You are still power-besotted I think the chalice is not done with you yet, Nicca, and I fear what that would do to our Merry.”
Nicca shook his head, eyes still on me, as if nothing else were truly real. “My night.”
I love this. I love how Merry is essentially stripped down to being nothing more than a living fleshlight for these dudes. AND IT ISN’T EVEN NICCA’S SEX-NIGHT ON THE SEX-CALENDAR. They spend like a page or so discussing whose night it actually is. It HAD been Rhys’s night, and even though Rhys’s didn’t get any baby-making done, it still counted as his night, so the next night would be Doyle’s . This is hilarious.
Nicca is still fighting to fuck Merry, and Doyle basically gets in his face and tells him to fuck off. “Your godhead, or whatever, is not worth our Merry’s life,” He tells Nicca, which, if I were Nicca, would piss me right the fuck off. Everyone else gets to become gods again through fucking Merry and Nicca just gets fancy, albeit useless, wings? And then whatever the fuck this is happens:
He ended up on all fours, those wings flowing back along his body. His hair spilled across his face and over the foot of the bed like thick brown water. He took a breath that trembled along his back, shivered the rainbows of his wings He raised his face up to the light with a look of almost pain, but he nodded. “Doyle’s right, Doyle’s right,” he muttered over and over, as if to convince not just himself but whatever was riding him.
Hahaha what?
Anyway, Doyle then announces that no one who has not yet been made into a god by Merry is allowed to sleep with her until they figure out what the magic cup wants from her. Which means Rhys and Frost, except not Rhys, because Doyle isn’t yet sure how much power he regained.
They then find out that Maeve is “comforting” Sage, which means she’s totally fucking him.
“You don’t understand,” Frost said, “none of you.”
“What don’t we understand?” I asked, looking up into that coldly handsome face.
“How great her need must be to take Sage.”
“He’s sidhe now. Whether it’s permanent, I don’t know, but for tonight he’s sidhe.”
“It will be permanent,” Frost said.
I frowned up at him. “No,” I said, “you can be made sidhe for a night through magic, like Branwyn’s Tears, but you’re either born sidhe or you’re not.”
“That is not true,” Frost said.
I can’t believe we’re getting into this again. Frost was never a sidhe until he was MADE ONE by MAGIC and it was PERMANENT. And Merry’s forgotten this. She forgot this SUPER IMPORTANT, LIFE-CHANGING FACT ABOUT THE MAN SHE “LOVES”.
Doyle steps in, telling Merry that they lost the ability to turn things sidhe over 2,000 years ago. He then explains to them YET AGAIN how the great relics disappeared, and after that, their power diminished. We learned all of this like 3 chapters ago, when they were sitting in the stupid cat-themed kitchen discussing this. Frost tries to fight him on this, but Doyle gets all jealous, telling him that he refuses to have this argument with Frost because it hurts too much that now only Frost gets to fuck Merry. A-what now? I love how these character’s moods shift so suddenly.
Anyway, both Rhys and Galen excuse themselves, and Doyle tries to order Nicca back to his room, but Nicca refuses. Nicca tells Doyle that the only way he’ll leave the room is if Doyle leaves with him.
“Are you implying that Doyle is trying to get rid of you so he can have me to himself?” I asked.
Nicca just kept that unfriendly look on Doyle.
Frost came out of his deep funk long enough to look at Nicca. “Nicca, it is I who ask Doyle to stay.”
Nicca sent that dark look to Frost. “Why?”
“Because I trust him to keep Meredith safe.”
Are you kidding me? Doyle is totally just going to fuck Merry to get his godhead. He’s clearly jealous of Frost, and has been since book 2. Haha. Fuck. Nicca finally agrees to leave, but only after sort of threating Doyle and Frost that they will “speak later”. Merry speaks up and asks Nicca not to challenge them, and Nicca promptly flips out.
“You beg me not to challenge them while you stand like that pressed against Doyle’s half-naked body.” His expression was one I’d never seen on him before, as if some stranger were inside Nicca’s body using his face. He turned that stranger’s face to Frost. “And you, who were never meant to be a god, would you now be king over us all? If you are the only man in her bed night after night, you will be.” His voice was thick with a jealousy so harsh it was near hatred.
Frost moved a little in front of us. “I have not seen that look for many a long year, but I remember your envy, and what it cost us all.”
It was Doyle who said, “Dian Cecht. Somehow you are in the power of Dian Cecht.”
I really wish LKH did a better job introducing these Irish/Gaelic/Celtic myths to us, because this series could have so much potential if she had. Instead we get Merry explaining it all to us, like she’s reciting a history lesson. I hate this shit.
I didn’t understand what was happening, but it wasn’t good, that much even I knew. “Dian Cecht was one of the original Tuatha de Danann, the healing god, but why do you name this power him?”
“Do you know the rest of his story?” Doyle asked.
“He slew his own son out of jealousy, because the son had surpassed the father in his healing skills.”
Barf. I don’t care. Apparently Nicca is turning into this dude or whatever, but I can’t find myself caring what so ever about this plotline. They determine that Nicca is possessed with this dude’s spirit, because he was in the process of gaining that god’s powers, but the process was interrupted by Doyle being a fucking pain in the ass. Now this Dian Cecht god is pissed.
So Merry goes over to Nicca and they start kissing. Merry can feel the power of pissed off god dude starting to leave Nicca, and it somehow transports them into a dream. Well, transports both Merry and Doyle. They’re now by a huge oak tree in a large forest. The tree has a door in it, and the door opens to reveal a black-cloaked figure. It’s Doyle. Then shadows start growing and they grow teeth.
That’s it. Merry is then pulled out of the dream-state and everyone is freaking out. Merry’s skin is glowing with a bunch of colors: tan, pink, violet-red, purple, white, reddish brown, blue-green, etc… like she’s been doused in a bunch of random paints. Merry walks over to Frost and he tries to pull away, telling her that he was never a god and she should seek out someone more powerful.
There is so much going on in this chapter and I just cannot find myself caring about any of it.
Merry is full of the goddess’s power or whatever, and she’s throwing herself at Frost. She manages to rip all his clothes off, and they’re both standing naked in the bedroom. Doyle and Nicca haven’t been mentioned in PAGES but they’re totally still in the room for this. Somehow, even though they just spent chapters discussing how NONE OF THE GUARDS ARE ALLOWED TO LET MERRY BLOW THEM, Merry manages to shove Frosts’s cock in her mouth. DOYLE, WHO FORBIDS THIS, IS IN THE ROOM.
Now, I love LKH’s blowjob descriptions. They’re just so fucking ridiculous. I wrote a post earlier about how fucking ludicrous they are. Throughout the whole blowjob, Frost keeps yanking Merry off his cock to talk about his goddamn feelings. Merry’s greatest desire is to perform oral sex on all her men, and they constantly fight her on this. WHAT DUDE WOULD DO THIS.
So eventually Frost yanks Merry up by her hair to kiss her. Merry then tells him that she wants him to cover her with his hair. So Frost lays them both onto the bed and then enters her.
I screamed, head back, eyes closed, and a second scream echoed mine. It wasn’t until Frost stopped moving, frozen above me, that I realized it wasn’t him who was screaming.
I opened my eyes and saw that his face was turned away from me, looking over the foot of the bed. The scream sounded again, and it was close, masculine, and wordless in its pain.
Frost pushed off me, rolling over the foot of the bed. I scrambled onto all fours, crawling to the foot of the bed. Frost knelt near Doyle’s head. Nicca knelt near his feet. Doyle’s spine bowed, his hands scrambling at the air. It was as if every muscle in his body were straining at once in different directions. If he’d been human, I’d have thought poison, but you couldn’t poison the sidhe, not with strychnine, at least.
Okay, first off, there are literally thousands of things that could poison people. I’m sure one of them would poison the sidhe. So the strychnine call-out is pretty hilarious here.
Another thing that’s super hilarious to me is that YET AGAIN Frost is denied sex. All of book 2 Frost kept being passed over for one reason or another why someone else had to have sex that night, and he whined about it constantly. Same with book 3 so far. Merry tries to suck his dick and he stops her to talk about how happy she makes him and other bullshit about how terrible his life was when he first became a sidhe, and once he tries to fuck her, now they have to focus on Doyle. Hahahaha. This is amazing.


So anyway the chapter ends with Merry screaming at Frost to help Doyle. 

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