Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 begins with Merry, Rhys, and Nicca reclining back on the pillows covering the bed. Sage is hovering above them. Rhys holds up his arm for Sage to land on, but instead Sage tries to land on Merry. Rhys reminds Sage that he is taking blood from the men, not from Merry, but Sage tells them that he needs to start with Merry to work the glamour on them. Merry tells them that it’s fine, that is how Sage’s magic works. She’s actually trying to get them to hurry up and fuck her, but the dudes just want to argue over everything.
Rhys looked at me. “Why do I think this has less to do with sleep, and more to do with the fact that you’ve changed sides on this wager.”
“It was never my wager,” I said, “and the next time you make wagers with my body as prize, you should think long and hard before you do so without asking me first.”
“You were here,” Rhys said.
“But you never asked.”
Of course they didn’t! You reminded them of this, and they totally ignored you! You’re the best ruler ever, Merry! Rhys apologizes for not thinking to ask if it was okay to wager Merry’s body.
“Don’t apologize for that, Rhys, there are other things I’d rather have the apology for.”
“Such as?” he asked.
“If I kicked you both out right now, Sage would do whatever I wanted. He’s more interested in pleasure than in being king.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rhys asked.
“It means that if any of you was here more for sex than for kingship, I’d have persuaded one of you to fall off the intercourse wagon by now.”
Rhys feeds her the whole stupid “Cel will kill you if he becomes king, yadda yadda yadda” and Merry is about to continue arguing when Sage starts pulsing his glamour magic over them. Rhys and Nicca are both instantly scared, not sure what is going on, and Merry explains to them that it is just Sage’s magic.
Rhys started to say something, but Sage slid his arms around my three middle fingers, cupping the unbelievable softness of his skin against my whole hand. “Consort save us, I can feel the edge of what you’re feeling. His skin is so soft, softer than anything I’ve ever felt.”
Sage rubbed his hair along the tips of my fingers. His hair was like downy feathers; as if spider silk could be woven into hair, too soft to be real. The brush of that hair on my skin made Nicca shudder against me and brought Rhys’s body hard against my hip. Eager, ready.
“I didn’t understand,” Rhys said in a voice gone both soft and deep.
“I tried to tell you,” I said. “You wouldn’t hear me.”
No, they heard you just fine. They just didn’t listen. There’s a difference.
He wrapped his legs around my wrist and I was suddenly aware that he wore nothing under his gossamer skirt. He was tiny, but the touch of that bit of sex felt more intimate than it should have, more important than it should ever have been.
I was suddenly aware of the pulse between his legs. The throb and ebb of the blood on either side of his thighs beat against the pulse in my wrist like a second heartbeat, as if the very beat of my blood would answer to the beat of his small body.
So Sage’s erection is throbbing to the beat of Merry’s pulse? That seems like a medical issue to me.
Sage asks for Rhy’s hand, and eventually Rhys holds it out to him. Sage takes hold of one of Rhys’s fingers and is about to chomp down when Rhys backs out like a fucking wussy brat.
Sage drew back enough to roll the glittering back of his eyes up to the much larger man. “Will you be forsworn, white lord? Will your courage fail you in the face of a mere demi-fey?”
I could see Rhys’s pulse thundering against the skin of his throat, and his voice came rough around it. “I’d forgotten what you were.”
“Forgotten what?” Sage asked, his mouth still hovering over Rhys’s fingertip.
Rhys had to swallow to speak again. “Once, you were a court of your own, and size mattered not in power.”
Sage gave a small laugh. “Do you remember what else we could do?”
“Your glamour could roll us, like a drunk on a Saturday night.”
Oh cool. “Rolling” is something that LKH is apparently borrowing from her Anita Blake novels. Some of the more powerful vampires have the power to “roll” humans, basically turning them into sex slaves. Glad to see LKH having an original idea for once.
So Sage admits that when the Nameless was destroyed and a lot of the power returned to the fey, much power returned to the demi-fey as well. He then sinks his teeth into Rhys’s finger and basically everyone starts writhing around in pleasure.
Nicca writhed, climbing my body until his face almost touched Sage’s leg. His arm convulsed around my waist, holding on as if he was afraid, or eager. I knew just from the press of his body that he was getting the hints of pleasure and pain, just as I was.
Sage began to suck at the wound, and distantly, I felt the pull. I’d had it often enough for myself to know that it felt as if that tiny mouth had a long, thin line directly from the tip of a finger to the groin. With every suck Sage pulled on things that shouldn’t have been touchable from a small wound in a finger.
Sage’s pulse between his legs beat against the pulse in my wrist, fast, faster, hard, harder, and I felt a third pulse. It was as if Sage had pulled Rhys’s heart into his hand, and Sage was swallowing around the thick, meaty, pulse of Rhys’s heartbeat. I felt Rhys’s heart beating down Sage’s body, as if the smaller man were a tuning fork, a vibrating, trembling path from one throbbing heartbeat to another.
Commas for everyone!
Rhys’s body pressed tighter against the side of me. His groin was pressed against the curve of my hip, and almost against his will, it seemed, his body began to move against mine I could feel him large and hard, rubbing against my hip. A rhythm began between the two of them. I felt Sage suck on Rhys, and with every suck Rhys pressed himself into my hip, buried the hard shaft of himself along my skin as if he were seeking another way inside me.
So Rhys is humping the shit out of Merry’s thigh, and he begins glowing. He leans over and begins kissing Merry, and his power rushes through her, so she begins glowing as well. Nicca begins glowing as well, even though he’s barely involved in this entire scene. The wing tattoo that covers Nicca’s entire back starts pulsing along with the power flowing through the room. The power becomes too much, and Rhys is just ramming away at Merry’s poor thigh, when Rhys just fucking ejaculates all over Merry.
He screamed, a second before he spilled over me in a scalding wave that flowed and dripped down my hip.
The feel of it bowed my back, flung my free hand skyward, writhed me over the bed, but I couldn’t move, I was trapped between the thrust of Rhys’s body and Nicca still wound around my waist and legs.
Rhys’s heart beat inside my veins, faded, then was gone so abruptly that it scared me. I had to open my eyes and see that he was still there, still alive. It was strange because I could still feel him pressed along the length of my body, but it had been the taste of his pulse in my body that I had ridden. He lay collapsed beside me, hair scattered across his face, his neck bare and smooth, and his pulse thudded against the thin skin of his neck like something trapped. His power faded like the moon lost behind clouds.
You know, I’m a pretty fast typist, and I’m really good at typing without looking at the keyboard, so I can easily type out these long passages, but typically during the whole copying process, I get lost in the jumble of words just all over the screen. I have to read and reread these paragraphs because I honestly have no fucking clue what LKH is trying to say half the time. There’s just so many words and commas and repetition that my brain must just go “aww, skip it, you’re not missing anything.”
So Sage grabs Nicca’s hand so that he can start taking Nicca’s blood. Nicca then crawls over Merry’s body to get closer to the tiny fey. Nicca’s magic starts pulsing through his body and over Merry. Then Sage bites into Nicca’s wrist. Nicca is trying to fight the glamour and not let it totally overtake him. He manages to maneuver himself between Merry’s legs. Merry reaches down and grabs onto his dick, which totally makes him lose his concentration, so that the glamour pours over the both of them.
I held him in my hand, firm and real, but he glowed so bright that I could not look upon him and had to close my eyes. It was like holding onto some vibrating, pulsing, piece of magic made solid. He was hot velvet against my palm, a gliding smoothness that throbbed down my hand to dance inside my veins, to spill heat through my body, like a searching hand that touched and glided over and through me, searching, searching, searching until his power found me, found my center, found that part that nothing should touch, and the power filled me from the inside out. His golden power raced with my magic, my body, my pleasure, so that his glow ran before mine, coaxed mine to shine bright and brighter, until the room was full of shadows from the shining of us, full of shadows that had no place in this room, as if our lights showed us hints of what lay around us, and it had nothing to do with this room, this bed, these bodies. The magic spilled out of us raw and wild, and Sage burned in the middle of it.
That is fivesentences. Five. Jesus Christ.
Someone grabbed my wrists, held them over my head, pinned them to the pillows, and I didn’t struggle. I couldn’t see. Blood had landed across my closed lids, and the lashes were too thick with it. There was too much blood for a little rough sex. I blinked frantically, and I thought I was seeing double. Two pairs of wings rose above me like neon glass. One pair belonged to Sage – now nearly as tall as I was, his weight pinning me underneath him. But the others were larger, almost larger than I was, brown and cream, edges of pink, whirls of blue and red like huge eyes dotting the wings. They were only half unfurled, like a butterfly fresh from its chrysalis.
Yup. Merry fucked the wings right out of Nicca’s back.
They’re all covered in blood, and Sage decides to start kissing Merry. Power again washes all over them. When they’re done, Rhys announces that he’s had enough, and he’ll just watch from here on out. Merry is about to probably fucking start arguing with him about how it’s his duty to participate or something, but then either Sage or Nicca make a movement on the bed and her attention returns to them. Merry begins kissing Nicca, and she’s running her hands over the both of them, through their hair, over their skin, etc. Finally Sage reminds Merry what wager she made with him, so Sage moves over towards Merry.
Sage touched my face, brought my attention back to him. I’d never seen him naked and full-size before. He was bigger than I’d expected, not longer, but wider. I flicked my tongue across the tip of him, and it was as unbelievably soft as the rest of him. I ran my hands over him, the shaft of him as soft as most men’s balls, and the skin of his testicles like something made of satin. I had no words for the fineness of the skin between his legs. It was softer than a dream, like a bag made to hold something magical.
Ahahahaha Sage’s magical BALL BAGS. And I’m incredibly fucking amazed that LKH didn’t make some sort of child-comparison to Sage here. That may just be too close to fucking pedophilia, but with LKH, who fucking knows.
I pulled him between my lips, and it was like sucking on silk that happened to be warm and muscled, and alive. The sensation of the soft skin and the hardness of him made me cry out with him in my mouth. Which made him cry out, and arch above me.
Honestly, I’m amazed that LKH didn’t make that into one long sentence.
So as Merry is knob-slobbing Sage, Nicca gets behind her and lifts her ass up in the air. OH BOY.
I arched my neck so that Sage could slide into my mouth, down my throat, arched my neck so that I could take every thick, silken inch of him between my lips, my teeth, and deeper. Sage was as deep as I could take him when Nicca plunged between my legs.
I screamed, and it was muffled by the sweet flesh in my mouth. Nicca held me in front of his hips, helped the arch of my body, so that Sage slid more easily into and out of my mouth.
I caught a glimpse of a sea of wings above me, like the masts of faerie ships, then they seemed to catch a rhythm. Each plunged inside my body in time to the other, as if he could feel the other’s body. Warm muscled silk in and out of my mouth, caressing my lips, my teeth, gliding along my tongue, bumping the back of my throat.
Ok, I’m gonna stop this right here. I swear, every time I read a LKH sex scene, whether it be oral or vaginal (OR OTHER), every single description of it reads as if Merry is simply just an orifice. Merry does nothing during the sex but simply exist as a vessel for the dudes to fuck. The description is always what the dudes are doing. At most, we get a “I bucked over his body” or “I danced over his body”. We hardly ever get more than that when it comes to what Merry is actually doing during the act of sex.
I swallowed sunlight over and over; and the sun beat between my legs, and above all of it their wings shimmered, the colors dancing, fleeing through the air, until I saw that the room was full of butterflies carved of neon and power.
Nicca thrust between my legs and it was as if he grew impossibly long, impossibly warm, thrusting up through my body, as if he would touch where Sage was pulsing inside my mouth, as if the two suns would meet inside my body and I would be burned away, drowned in their twin powers, and that was the drop of pleasure that filled the pool, that spilled me over, that brought me writhing under their weight, that set me sucking at the sunlight in my mouth, made me grind my hips into the heat between my legs.
That is ALL ONE SENTENCE. Good grief.
Sage poured hot and thick down my throat, and I swallowed that salty power, felt the glow of it travel down my throat and through my body. Nicca came in a thrust that seemed to burn through my body in a long shaft of power as if it would rend me in two, bend me into something hot, and dripping, and liquid to run over the sheets, to spill along their bodies, as they spilled along mine.


So after they finish, they’re all laying in a bloody gross mess on Merry’s bed, when Sage turns to Merry and jokingly asks how the sidhe survive such sex. The chapter ends with Merry realizing that Sage’s eyes have transformed during the sex, and they’re now tri-ringed with black, charcoal, and white-grey. Sage now has sidhe eyes. Sage is now a sidhe.

2 responses to “Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 13

  1. OmFg. This chapter! I cannot believe Merry is SUCH a pathetic, spineless fuck toy that she LETS OTHERS make bets with HER BODY.

    And omg the “Doyle won’t let us” bullshit from the end of the last chapter…yeah, Merry is totally letting ALL OF THEM, albeit ESPECIALLY DOYLE just walk all over her. They just laughed in her fucking face and that starry-eyed twit doesn’t even ATTEMPT to put her foot down—just wonders the bleeding obvious—yes, Doyle will override you as king. He’s already fucking doing it as YOUR GUARD. God she is so dumb.

    That sex scene…ugh. LKH writes the least erotic sex scenes. You’re right—Merry is so so passive and entirely written as an orifice basically anyone can put their dick in, except for a TEENY TINY amount she tries to refuse but ends up giving them an orgasm anyway 9.5/10. You almost start to feel sorry for the girl, except it’s entirely her own damn fault.

    “Rhys screamed” totally made me wonder if he was screaming in HORROR because he’s so scared of his daddy Doyle getting angry hahaha

    I just…I can’t even say everything I want to say because there is SO MUCH. You oughta get a sainthood for doing this!

    Who the fuck has an orgasm because the dude that HUMPED YOUR LEG into orgasm had one? Seriously, he’s done nothing towards her pleasure (SURPRISE!!) and yet she comes just because he did? Yeah right.

    Magic balls. Hahah fuck. Actually that sounds too weird anyway—I would be freaked out if someone’s balls were made of satin or whatever.

    And what the fuck does “butterflies carved of neon and power” even mean?!?! CARVED out of NEON and POWER. Whaaat? That is the worst description I’ve ever heard, and not just because it’s vague af.

    Ugh. Enjoy your wings, Nicca. They sound gross looking to me.


  2. Oh yeah, another thing…why tf is Rhys so cocky about demi-fey rolling them if THEY USED TO FUCKING DO IT ALL THE TIME?!?


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