Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 begins with Merry laying up against Rhys on the bed. Nicca is laying behind her, just barely touching her. Merry can feel Nicca’s magic and it makes her ask Rhys if Nicca can stay with them tonight. Sage pouts that Merry didn’t ask him to spend the night.
Sage stamped his foot on Rhys’s solid flesh. “It is most unfair that I will use my glamour to make you feel such wondrous sensations, but I am denied the fruits of my labor. Especially since others will partake of that bounty.”
“You’re the one who wanted two sidhe men, Sage. You know the effect your glamour has on me, and on others.”
He crossed his arms over his chest. “Yes, yes, only myself to blame.” His face went instantly from a pout to a smile that was half lust and half joy. “I’ll make you a wager.”
I raised myself from Rhys’s chest enough to shake my head. “No.”
“What kind of wager?” Rhys asked.
“Don’t do it, Rhys.”
He looked down on me. “Why not?”
“You haven’t felt Sage’s glamour. I have.”
A touch of sidhe arrogance mingled with Rhys’s humor. It was our racial Achilles’ heel, no mythological mixing intended. Our arrogance had been our undoing more than once.
“I think three sidhe should be proof against demi-fey magic.”
LOL yeah right.
So Rhys agrees to Sage’s wager. He doesn’t think Sage’s glamour is powerful enough to bespell him, especially if he is Cromm Cruach again.
“So, white knight, do we have a wager?” Sage asked. “I use my glamour to bespell you all, and if I can work magic on three sidhe at once, then I gain my heart’s desire?”
“Rhys,” Nicca said, “have a care.”
“I’m not that stupid,” Rnys said. “What is your heart’s desire? I need to know that before I can agree to it.”
“To fuck the princess,” he said.
Rhys shook his head. “I can’t bargain what I do not own, and it’s her body, not mine.”
“No intercourse,” I said. “I will not let you have a bid for the throne, Sage.”
Condoms, anyone???
So Sage wants to know what Merry will offer up. Gee, thanks, Rhys, for bargaining with MERRY’S FUCKING BODY, you prick.
I had the most amazing lovers in the world, but there were things that they denied me, and themselves. We were trying to get me pregnant, which meant that all sex ended in one way, and one way only. If it couldn’t get me with child, we didn’t waste the seed. I had persuaded more than one of the men to let me take him in my mouth, but none of them would finish there, no matter how much I begged or how much they wanted to. It hadn’t just been intercourse that they’d been forbidden for centuries, it had been any release, even by their own touch. There were so many things besides intercourse that they missed. They would talk about it, but not do it, because it was a wasted opportunity. A waste of seed to plant inside me. A waste of a chance to be king.
Oh Jesus Christ, you idiots, you’re not going to RUN OUT OF SPERM. GO GET YOUR KNOB GARGLED. Seriously, it was introduced in the first fucking book that MERRY CAN BRING A GUY TO ERECTION WITH HER TOUCH. So why not let her fucking choke on your stupid faerie wangs so she can drink a full cup of man gravy, then bring you back to an erection so you can get to baby making. THIS IS A SEX BOOK AND NO ONE KNOWS WHAT CONDOMS ARE, AND NO DUDE WANTS TO HAVE HIS DICK SUCKED.
This is the most unrealistic thing about this series.
Merry worries that once she becomes pregnant, that the other men will just disappear and never pay her any attention again. She realizes that she only has them for a finite amount of time, so while she has them, she wants to truly have them, not just play “baby-making factory”.
What did I miss most? That was easy. I missed the feel of a man in my mouth, where he started soft and small so I could take all of him in, even his balls, then feel the change in texture, in the sensation of it. I loved it, from the beginning to end, and the last time I’d been able to do it, completely, had been with my last boyfriend. And he hadn’t been sidhe, and he hadn’t been capable of anything close to Sage’s glamour. I wanted the feel of that hot release inside more than just my womb. It wasn’t the thought of Sage that tightened things low in my body, but the thought of someone pouring himself down my throat.
So Merry tells them that if Sage’s glamour wins the wager, then she will take Sage in her mouth. She’ll give him a magic blow job, or whatever, because her guards won’t let her do that to them.
“You know why we don’t,” Rhys said.
I’d sat up, pulling away from Rhy’s body. “I know, I need to be pregnant, but there’s more to sex than making babies.” I took in a deep, shuddering breath. “I want to watch one of you bring yourself, while I watch. I want to feel you hard and firm against every inch of my body until you come. I want to be covered in it, not just one round of baby making after another.” I felt strangely sad. “One night someone will get me pregnant, then once we know who the father is, everyone else is gone.” I looked at all of them, even the tiny demi-fey standing on Rhys’s stomach. “I want to make the most of all of you while I have the chance.”
Rhys tells her that he’d love to help, but Doyle won’t allow it. Doyle, who is ruler here, right? Merry reminds them that she is the ruler, not Doyle, and yet both men are like “lol no you’re not, we listen to Doyle”. But Sage agrees to be Merry’s dick lollipop.
I sighed, then realized that, strangely, I was half hoping we lost. But whether we won or lost, I was going to talk to Doyle. Queen Andais had given me my guards to do with as I saw fit, but once I had a king, would she take them back? Would they lose the only opportunity they would have in the next millennium to touch themselves, to climb into a woman’s mouth, to cover her body in seed? Taking the back, and cutting them off again, sounded like something Andais would do. She was a sadist, after all. If I put that as a possibility to Doyle, he might see things my way. If he didn’t, I’d try it as an order. Though I didn’t have much hope for that.
YOU ARE THE RULER HERE, MERRY. WHY WOULD ORDERING YOUR GUARDS TO DO SOMETHING NOT WORK?     Also, whatever happened to the no-adultery rule? Once Merry becomes pregnant and they know who the father is, she WON’T BE ABLE to fuck any of the other men. That’s against their fucking stupid laws.
Anyway, the chapter ends with Merry wondering if Andais was right when she said that she never took Doyle to her bed because Doyle wouldn’t allow Andais to be the ultimate ruler, he’d force her to share her power. She wonders if Doyle will pull that rank with her as well.
Of fucking course he will, Merry. You’re so stupid.


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