Update #2

Hi friends!

I know in the last post I said that I was planning on trying to continue with the reviews, especially since we’re right at the start of the next Merry Gentry book in the series. Unfortunately, the whole commute thing has been wearing on me hard, and I really have no energy at all to do anything but watch reality television in the few hours between arriving home and bedtime each night (side note: have you seen Netflix’s Instant Hotel yet? WATCH IT. It’s both super wonderful and petty as fuck. It’s entirely my brand).

Luckily, the end is in sight! With all luck, there should only be a few weeks left of the commute ahead of me. After that, I’ll have more time to focus on the reviews and get everything back on track. Thanks for bearing with my lack of posts during this time.

Also, I’ve gotten very into the idea of doing a podcast for this blog. I am still throwing around ideas, but I think maybe a bi-weekly podcast (at the start) that focuses on one book may be a fun thing for me to get into. I think the idea of reviewing books that are so bad they’re entertaining on a podcast could be really fun to do!

Do you guys listen to any podcasts? I’ve mostly focused on true crime for my commutes, but I’m trying to branch out a little more. Feel free to comment with any recommendations!

One response to “Update #2

  1. Heeey, glad to hear you’re safe and sound! I was wondering how you’ve been doing just the other day. Hope the move goes swiftly and well.
    For podcasts, IDK if you’ve given Lore a try yet. It’s a podcast that focuses mostly on paranormal stories and historical tragedies / murders / legends / etc that are really so deeply ingrained in most modern Americans’ lives, and then where these stories originated, and possible factual bases for them as well. https://www.lorepodcast.com/
    I’m also laughably fond of Marketplace, which is a financial news broadcast that releases a lot of its material as podcasts. It has a sharp sense of humor, and if you’re curious about the economy in any way (and don’t think it sounds like a great way to spend a nap), it’s worth a try. Their now-finished series “Codebreaker” was very good for my anxiety, and talked about how various tech aspects that we might take for granted (email, porn, digital assistants, etc) impact our lives for good and ill: https://www.marketplace.org/podcasts


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