A Lick of Frost – Chapter 29: A Much Needed Break

Chapter 29 begins with Merry finally meeting with some doctors. They put a neck brace on her and then a bunch of people swarm her, overwhelming her. She starts panicking again, swatting at their hands and trying to push them away. The doctors tell her that they need to take her to the hospital, and Merry wants to cooperate, but she’s too overwhelmed by all the medical professionals around her. The cops step forward, forming a human shield around her to protect her from the press and give the doctors a bit of room to work.

“The doctor leaned very close to me. “Princess, were you raped?”
Major Walters bent close, too. “I am sorry, Princess, but I have to ask. Who did it?”
A sidhe guard by the door said, “The Unseelie did it, as they raped Lady Caitrin.”
“Shut up!” Major Walters said. Then he turned back to me. “Is that true?”
“No,” I said.
“Then who?”
“Taranis knocked me unconscious and I woke naked in his bed with him beside me.”

I don’t remember it ever being said that Merry was actually raped by Taranis, but I’m of the opinion that you believe women when they say they were assaulted, so.

Merry eventually makes an oath “by the Darkness that Eats all Things” that Taranis was the only one who injured her. The Seelie guards start saying how much of a fool Merry was to make that oath, and then one tells the crowd again that Merry was assaulted by her Unseelie guards, and Taranis saved her. So Merry demands a microphone so that she can tell the truth.

A voice called, “Who hit you?”
“Taranis,” I said.
There was a collective sigh of eagerness and an explosion of flashes. I closed my eyes against it.
“Did the Unseelie rape you?”
“Were you raped, Princess?”
“Taranis knocked me unconscious and kidnapped me, and I woke nude in his bed. He says we had sex [he didn’t, other than claiming that Merry’s children were his]. I will be taking a rape kit at the hospital. If it comes back positive for an unknown, then yes, my uncle raped me. “

Like, I understand that Merry needs to get the truth out there, but how traumatizing. I would almost feel sorry for her if Merry were anything like an actual character and not just a cumdumpster for the plot.

So the doctor says that she needs to take Merry to the hospital for an x-ray, but Merry freaks out. She tells the doctor that she can’t have an x-ray because she’s pregnant, and of course she says this basically right into the microphone. So the entire crowd of press goes fucking bonkers.

So the medical professions and the cops start trying to get Merry out of the room, and the Seelie guards start yelling at her. “How dare you lie about our king? How can you accuse your own uncle of such a crime? Liar. Lying bitch.”

They start bringing her to the ambulance and Doyle the dog appears. Merry starts demanding that he come with. The doctors finally relent and let the dog stay by her side. Merry starts to feel sick again, and so she closes her eyes to ease the nausea. When she opens them, she notices Rhys standing next to her. Galen is then next to her as well, and he takes her hand to offer her some comfort.

Finally they make it to the ambulance, and Merry notices one more of her men waiting for her – Sholto. The men tell her that they will follow her to the hospital. Doyle the dog jumps inside, and the doctor starts trying to shoo him out, but then he transforms back into Doyle the man. He tells the doctor he refuses to leave Merry’s side, so they throw him a blanket to cover himself.

So they start making their way to the hospital and we get pages and pages of Merry thinking and worrying about everything that just happened. It’s not even remotely interesting to read – we JUST read about it all as it happened, I don’t need to hear Merry’s thoughts on what just happened.

Anyway, the book finally ends with Merry crying into Doyle’s arms. That’s it. That’s how the chapter and the book end. Nothing happened in this book, nothing happened to cause any tension. There was no driving reason behind this book at all.

I thought that Seduced by Moonlight was the worst of all Merry Gentry books, but nope. This one really takes the cake. Without Frost turning himself into a stag and us learning that Merry is pregnant by like eighty different dudes, there wasn’t even anything remotely entertaining about this book. You all should be glad that you didn’t actually have to read it.

I think I need a break from this series. If anyone knows a quick book I should read next for a little palate cleanser from this series, please let me know! I’m currently rereading the entire Legend of Eli Monpress series for fun, and I was thinking of starting the October Daye series again, but I’m open for any suggestions. I’ll even review them if requested! I’m also looking for good audiobook suggestions. I’m currently listening to the Rivers of London series but I’m nearly done with that. My main requirement for an audiobook series is a great narrator and also something in the fantasy genre. Or nonfiction. Just has to have someone who can read and make it entertaining!

2 responses to “A Lick of Frost – Chapter 29: A Much Needed Break

  1. I feel like this book could’ve just been five chapters of a better book. :\

    Also, regarding the rape question: I mean, if you wake up in some guy’s bed NAKED TOGETHER, I’d think the worst IMMEDIATELY. I think it’s only bc she had a concussion that it took her so long to have the thought in the first place? Honestly when you first described the scene of her waking up in Taranis’ bed, I was like “……….. /ew/. All the times the AUNT threatens stuff like that, and it’s the UNCLE? While she’s like potentially hyper-pregnant? NO THANKS.” I don’t think her -delivery- at the impromptu press conference was the best, but I don’t blame her for jumping to that conclusion. Also to reiterate: EW.

    I don’t know if you’ve read Peter Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn” – it’s astoundingly deep for how saccharine the premise is and the terrible movie that was made of it (LOL VERY palate cleanse!). I recommend it very strongly, as I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. There’s also a graphic novel version, which I am told is very faithful, but then you don’t get the narration (the art is astounding though).

    I’m also very quick to recommend the Queen’s Thief series by Meghan Whalen Turner. It’s a fantasy YA (? everyone is old now, though, so idefk) series that’s …. five? six? books long now, and she seems to be on a one-book-every-four-years cycle. It’s pretty much the only thing she’s written, but it’s lovely. My favorite is The King of Attolia, but the series starts with The Thief. The kindle versions are very nice, tho I do not know if the latest book has the maps and insets, and my kindle died before the book came out.

    I’ve got a couple others, but I realized most of my fantasy readings skew towards younger YA, and my less fluffy reading comes in scifi and horror. lol Probably not the -best- recs considering what you seem to be reading lately, but options. ❤

    PLEASE take a break from this. XD We're not even paying you for the crimes inflicted upon you!


  2. Anything by John Scalzi is awesome. I particularly suggest Redshirts (yes it’s a bit of a reference to Star Trek, but it’s not a fanfic) for sci-fi comedy/plot related feelings or Lock In for a more sci-fi mystery.

    Fantasy, I tend to read Jim Butcher.


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