A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 38: The Mudman Cometh

Guys. You guys. I hope you are prepared for this. Chapter 38 contains the very scene that inspired this entire blog. I slogged my way through these four books SPECIFICALLY for the following sex scene. I hope you are all happy.

Chapter 38 begins with Merry realizing that both her and Adair’s magic are very similar. As Adair lowers himself onto Merry, it feels like his magic is pressing down on hers, layering them together. They start talking about how Amatheon’s magic is also similar. Remember him? Last we saw Amatheon he melted into the magical ground post-sex with Merry.

As they’re talking, Merry realizes that the Goddess is talking through her again.

“If I am that which calls forth the seed, and Amatheon is the ground that holds the seed, then what are you, Meredith? What are you?”

“I am the life that springs from the seed, Adair. I grow, I feed my people, I die, but am reborn. I wax and wane. I give light and hide in the dark. I am always, and always will be.”

So Adair finally enters Merry, and they start hammering away. And now, dear readers, I’m going to just quote the rest of this scene, because words do not do it justice. You must experience this the same way I experienced it that very first time. You must read every word of this:

He entered me like a sword finding, at last, its perfect sheath. The magic seemed to draw back for a moment, like a giant taking a breath. We lay on the bed in that most intimate of embraces, as close as man and woman can be, and it was like coming home. It was as if I had waited lifetimes for this man to hold me, for this body to be inside mine. I saw the same wonder in his face.

I watched the glow at the center of his body begin to spread outward again. I felt the magic begin to swell, the giant was about to exhale, and with the sensation of that rising magic, Adair began to draw himself out of me. He pulled himself out until only the round head of him remained inside me. The magic blazed to life, and a heartbeat before the power took us, he slid himself home deep inside me. He brought my upper body off the bed, screaming, my nails digging into his flesh, trying to hold on to something, anything, while his body, his magic, thrust inside me again and again. Until I was no longer certain which was flesh and which was magic, pounding through my body.

Then the world shifted. Through the blaze of white and yellow light that was our magic, our bodies, I saw a great dark space rearing above us. We were no longer in the queen’s chambers. Doyle, Rhys, and Frost climbed to their feet, and stood watch over us. Part of me wondered where the sithen had taken us, but most of me didn’t care. I cared for nothing in that moment but the feel for Adair between my legs. Our magic shattered the dark into shadows and dancing light, and still Adair thrust between my legs. Still the power pulsed and grew until I thought my skin could no longer hold it. That I would melt away and become the light. I screamed my pleasure into the fire-shadows of our lovemaking, and still it was not done.

I felt my nails tear along his skin, watched his body bleed yellow and gold like sunlight.

The ground underneath my body began to move under the thrust and push of Adair’s body, as if I would sink into the ground as Amatheon had done in vision. The ground boiled and for a moment the earth was water, pouring around my body in a thick, warm tide. The water spilled inside me, so that Adair pushed himself through it, and forced that blood-warm water deep inside me. Hands came out of that warm liquid. Hands and flesh pressed against me, following where the liquid ran. Muscles, skin, a body, whole and real, formed beneath me. I knew who it was before Amatheon raised his face up enough for me to meet his flower-petal eyes. His body was already inside me when it became solid. Inside me, as Adair thrust inside, so that their bodies shared me.









Merry and Adair are fucking in the queen’s bed when suddenly the world shifts, and they’re on dry ground. Well, dry for a moment as this warm, thick liquid covers them. Then AMATHEON RISES FROM THE MUD, DICK ALREADY INSIDE MERRY, SHARING SPACE WITH ADAIR, AND STARTS FUCKING HER.



It continues:

I was glad now that the magic and Adair’s body had worked so long and hard inside me. Even with all they had done, it was a tight fit, with so much stretching, pushing, fighting against each other’s bodies.

She’s being double-dicked, y’all. In the same orifice. By one dude FULLY COVERED IN MUD.

I screamed again, and this time  it was a mix of pleasure and pain. They were almost too big, almost too wide for me.

Adair propped up on his arms, and Amatheon’s hands found my breasts.

They found a rhythm together, and it was like having one great member thrusting inside me, as if they had become one, as wide as a young tree.


I opened my mouth to scream, to tell them it was too much, and the orgasm was suddenly there, turning pain to pleasure, too much to just right. My body convulsed around them, and I felt their bodies convulse together. Then I could feel them again, two men inside me. And they thrust inside one last time, and they came again. It brought me screaming, tearing at their bodies. Their screams echoed mine.

We lay for a moment exhausted in one another’s arms as the light began to fade. Adair had collapsed on top of me, and I could feel Amatheon’s heart thundering against my back. It was a wonderful thing to lie between them, but almost as soon as I thought it, my body let me know that once the endorphins had faded completely I was going to be hurting, because I was hurting just a little bit now. Not pain exactly, but aching, and it would only grow worse. They were both still erect, though not as hard as they had been, but I needed them out of me before the endorphins faded completely. Otherwise it was just going to hurt. I wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t going to hurt anyway. The two of them together had been my limit, not beyond it, but definitely at it.

Then, while they’re all laying there, enjoying the dual-dicks, the queen congratulates them on a job well done. This causes Merry’s abused little vag to tighten the fuck up, and the guys have yet to fully exit her. Adair does, and it hurts Merry, but then Rhys has to help LIFT MERRY OFF OF AMATHEON’S DICK.

Okay, now, before I move on with the plot, let’s discuss that last scene. Amatheon disappeared in a previous sex scene, where his body was absorbed into the ground to help bring the sithen back to life. He returns from the ground MID-SEX with Adair, with his dick ALREADY INSIDE MERRY AS HE FORMS TO LIFE.

I’ve read this book at least 4 or 5 times now, and this scene will never be topped. The mere fact that sexing a MUDMAN BACK TO LIFE is viewed as erotic or sexy is just fucking baffling. And this mud-covered man, Amatheon, has the wherewithal to COINCIDE HIS DICK PUMPS WITH ADAIR.


And they all magically orgasm SEVERAL TIMES at the SAME TIME.

Anyway, Andais lets them know she tortured a confession to the murders out of someone, and the chapter ends with Merry realizing that Andais is dragging that someone along by their intestines.

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  1. She should have just stopped here. This should have been the last sex scene she ever wrote. She will never top this. No one could ever top this 😂

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