A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 37: From crying about stew to…

Chapter 37 begins with Merry crying into her stew. The stew was something that the court’s chef, Maggie May, had made for Merry as a child, as it was her father’s favorite dish. This brings back memories of her poor murdered father, and so she’s crying into her stew. Well, okay, and I guess the stew reminds her of things that don’t change, and she’s afraid that everything in her life and faerie is changing too much, too fast.

To feel better, Merry asks all of her men to kiss her. All of them. So they all line up to make out with Merry for a bit, and she cries the entire time. As she’s kissing Rhys, she gets super into it and starts ripping his clothes off. Once Rhys presses his body against Merry’s he screams out in pain. Just the mere act of touching the moth on Merry’s stomach caused one to embed in Rhys’s flesh. His arm is also fully healed. Apparently the mark on Rhys’s stomach is a ‘calling’, which means that Merry can use her moth to always locate Rhys, no matter where he goes.

All the men decide they want a calling too, so they all start pressing body parts up against Merry’s moth. Doyle tells Merry that the fact that these marks are appearing with ease is a sure sign that the Goddess has chosen them for Merry, that they are now her men truly.

Adair volunteers next to gain the mark, so Merry presses on his body and nothing happens. They suggest that Merry have sex with Adair to see if that works, so they begin stripping Adair of all his armor. Adair is afraid that he will hurt Merry. This is despite having seen how hard Mistral fucked her when they were in that hallway. Why’s every man gotta always be like “what if I hurt you?” Honey, you won’t.

Adair also has performance anxiety, so he wants to have Merry to himself. Merry says she’ll do anything for him, and he breaks down into tears. Crying before sex really helps get those motors running, right? Also, I don’t even think anyone has left the room? I’ve read this scene over a few times, and they make a big to-do over him wanting Merry alone and Merry granting it, but… no one leaves?

So Adair gets closer to Merry, and their magic starts freaking out. Adair is holding his back a bit, because after all the sex magic Merry caused earlier in the day, he’s afraid of what could happen.

Anyway, Merry has Adair lower his magic shields, and the chapter ends with Adair dropping them. Also, still, no one else has left the room.



I don’t want to give anything away, but the next scene, Chapter 38, is the ENTIRE REASON this blog exists. Get excite.

One response to “A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 37: From crying about stew to…

  1. At this rate i am so bored by all the magnum XXL cocks in her life, I would rather read an awkward scene where a dude is nervous and she’s all “don’t worry lover, it won’t hurt, I’ll be SO WET and that will help my SO TIGHTness absorb thee” and he’s like, it’s not that, Merry. I-I…i have a micropenis 😳🥺😰


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