A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 13: An actual interesting character? Let’s promptly forget she ever exists!

Chapter 13 begins with Merry FINALLY making her way to the cops. Of course she can hear them bickering. Those deep male voices grumbling. Can’t wait to have one or more of the cops insult Merry because she dare be a woman. That never happens in LKH books.

They have to go outside to meet with the cops, since they weren’t yet allowed in the sithen. On their way out, both Merry and Biddy notice that they feel much colder than normal, and oh no, it’s a spell, one that is attracted to mortal blood. They need to remove the spell before they make it to the cops, otherwise it would just leap over to the cops and probably kill them all.

Since the spell affected Biddy while she was dressed in her warrior armor, they determine that the spell either came from someone immensely powerful or someone with mortal blood, otherwise the metal would have affected them. Doyle is able to use the spell to track whoever created it, but he will have to chase it. They determine that Unsa and Cathbodua, one of the women who had joined Merry’s troupe from Cel’s guard, will accompany Doyle while they try to track the spell.

Cathbodua, once a goddess of battle, now a refugee from Cel’s guard. Her cloak was formed of black feathers, so that it sometimes seemed as if her fine black hair was part of the cloak, and if you looked at her from the edges of your eyes, her hair looked as if it were made of feathers. She was Cathbodua, battle scald crow, and though diminished in power, she was still one of the few in the courts who had kept her original name. Rumor had it that she had not been abused by Cel, for her feared her.


Artistic representation of Cathbodua. Source: http://meredithgentry.wikia.com/wiki/User:Hyssop

Cathbodua actually seems kinda cool. I don’t remember if they ever do anything with her character, but she’s someone I’d want to see more of. However, since no female character can outshine Merry, of course she’s likely tossed into the background, never to be heard from again.

So, Doyle release the spell, and the three take off after it. The chapter ends with the remaining group somewhat marvels after the three of them, chasing after a spell in that way, before being reminded that they STILL haven’t made it over to the, by now, probably super pissed off cops.

And a pissed off cop is always the most fun ones to deal with, right?

One response to “A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 13: An actual interesting character? Let’s promptly forget she ever exists!

  1. Cathbodua only has two options:

    1. Completely disappear (even if it means death) and never be spoken of again

    2. Turn into a total shrill crazy jealous psychobitch who tries to kill/mock Merry until she herself is killed/mocked and all of Merry’s guards tell her how much hotter Merry is and omg the shit she does in the bedroom, yowza…can you say just at the line of pedophilia?! Anyway FOFF Cathbodua Merry gives the best BJs (even though daddy-Doyle won’t let us have any, we can just tell by her Christmastree apparel)

    Better to fade away, potential cool female character. Better to fade away.

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