A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 8: Lightning sex!

It’s our first sex scene, everyone! I hope you’re prepared for this shit.

Merry starts the chapter bemoaning how most of her lovers won’t let her go down on them because oral sex doesn’t make babies, and all that precious baby batter needs to be used only for baby makin’, right? Not like dudes don’t have an infinite supply of that shit.

Oh, right, and I totally forgot that the sidhe glow when they have sex. Like little baby glowworms. Squeeze them just right and they light up.


A sidhe. 

Apparently Merry starts choking and can’t breathe, so Mistral withdraws himself from her mouth. Because apparently Merry’s nose doesn’t work? After drawing a big breath, she continues to go to town on that knob. Mistral, in the heat of the moment, starts causing lightning to again strike around them. Done with the BJ, Mistral pulls Merry up and turns her around so she’s face first into the wall of the sithen. He then starts fucking her thighs, which almost brings Merry to orgasm. Yep. 

Eventually he flips her onto her back on the ground, then tells her to lay stiff as a board because “If you help, I won’t last, and I want to last.” They fuck and eventually both orgasm, and then come to find themselves in the hallway surrounded by Merry’s guards, the rest of the Ravens, and a slew of others. That’s right, they just fucked in the hallway in front of, like, everyone.

Apparently the magic created from their sex made it so their orgasms were felt by everyone in the hall, and also several of them were struck by lightning! Jesus. Merry has another vision of the tree, and the lightning had “cleared away the dead from the tree”, because that’s a thing. It is starting to blossom too.

One of the guards in the hall moves away from the group and takes off her helmet. Merry then sees a tiny baby hovering above her, and the ring she wears flared to life again. The guard’s name is Biddy, and Mistral also sees the vision of the baby above her. He tells Merry to go to Biddy, and quick, because with the ring she’ll be able to find Biddy’s “match”. Turns out it’s Nicca, the winged guard.

So they all spend some time trying to figure out how to get the Queen to allow Biddy and Nicca to mate, as the chance of them having a baby would be strong, and Merry was the last baby born to the sidhe. They all realize that the Queen won’t care that the magic is returning to the court, and all she cares about is continuing her bloodline and ruling, so she’d still only allow Nicca to have sex with Merry.

Rhys then suggests that Merry should ask the Queen if she could “take Biddy to her bed” so that Nicca and Biddy could be together WITH Merry. What a plan.

So, before they can go meet with the cops, who are about to arrive at any time, turns out EVERYONE needs to go change their clothes because of bodily fluid stains. Hahaha. Before they do, though, Mistral asks Merry if he can keep the panties he ripped off of her as a souvenir of their lovemaking. Ahahaha.

The chapter ends with Frost being all jealous about Mistral’s attentions on Merry, because of course what this book needs is more moody fucking Frost.

One response to “A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 8: Lightning sex!

  1. Of course. EVERY book could only be improved by needy whiny histrionic control-freak manbaby Frost!! It’s why I’m so hard on MJD, her dudes don’t even have long hair 90% of the time, never mind the wonder that is physical jealousy claimed to be “love.”


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