A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 7: Do you want to ride the storm?

Chapter 7 begins with Merry finally washing off her stupid smeared lipstick. STILL SMEARED! All this time passes and she’s never bothered wiping it off. Appearances are supposed to extremely fucking matter to the sidhe, and here Merry is traipsing around the sithen with smeared dollar store lipstick.

So they’re walking through a hallway and get stopped. The Queen’s Ravens, or her guard, are blocking the way. Doyle goes to confer with Mistral, the captain of the Ravens, and so the rest of her guard use this time to draw their weapons and prepare for battle, I guess, Also Unsa, her weird cat-guard, start sniffing her, and then RUBBING HIS FACE ON HER LIKE A CAT MARKING ITS TERRITORY.


My dumb cat Boots used to do that to me and my husband all the time. It was super adorable and I miss it, But! He was a 1 year old kitten we had raised back to health as a foster, so that makes sense. A fully grown man doing this to someone, though? Disturbing!


This is Boots. He’s super cute. Unsa is not. 

Anyway, turns out that Rhys, who had been left at the crime scene, had thought of a way to track the spell that killed Beatrice, but he needed someone to guard the scene, so he asked the Ravens to do so. Mistral drops to one knee and bows his head to Merry as she approaches. Turns out, when Merry stopped Andais from slaughtering her guards (in the previous book), it gained her Mistral’s respect. Merry accidentally brushes her ring (again, from the previous book, it’s a ring to help match-make and select a husband for the sidhe – it reacts to anyone the wearer has a connection to) against Mistral and the ring flares to life. Whoops!

When the ring brushes against Mistral, they get visions where they are standing on a hilltop next to a huge, dead tree. The tree apparently represented the Goddess and the power of faerie. The hill was “The Hill” (so clever). It’s apparently the center of faerie power. The wind starts picking up, and in it Merry hears “Kiss him.” So she tells Mistral to do so. He knows that some power has taken Merry over – turns out it’s the Goddess herself. Mistral fights all this, because of course he does.

“Who are you?”
“I am Merry.”
He shook his head, even as he let me draw him in against my body. I realized that my arm was not injured in this place of dreams and vision. I slid my arms around the smooth strength of his back, over the leather of his armor. His hands slid around my waist, but he was still shaking his head.
“No, you are not the princess.”
“I am, but I am more, that is true.” My voice had taken on that echoing softness that I’d heard before, like listening to someone else’s voice in your own ears.

Firstly, what? Isn’t that HOW YOU HEAR? I surely don’t hear anyone else’s voice with someone else’s ears.

Anyway, he keeps asking who Merry is, and Merry can’t give a straight fucking answer, and she eventually just screams in his face “KISS ME.” So they do.

His mouth touched mine, and the moment it did, he stopped fighting. He gave himself to the kiss with his lips, his mouth, his arms, his body. The wind was only wind again, but Mistral did not notice. He picked me up in his strong arms, his hands pressing me against his body. One hand gripped my ass, an almost crushing grip that brought a small sound from my mouth. That sound seemed to urge him on. The kiss had been thorough before, but it had had a certain gentleness to it; now he kissed me as if he would climb into my body through the opening of my lips. He kissed and ate with teeth at my mouth, biting and holding my lower lip until I cried out for him.

It starts lightning all around the hilltop because, guess what, Mistral’s magic is storms. Mistral starts shielding Merry from the lightning. She keeps calling him “Thomas” for some reason, and I cannot for the life of me remember or care if it was mentioned in a previous book. They’re also apparently laying down on the hilltop, with Mistral laying on top of Merry, jamming his “swollen front” into her. Mistral begins to realize that his power is coming back, and he’s even stronger than ever, which he attributes to the power of the Goddess through Merry’s kiss.

He yanks her into a standing position but then grinds his body into hers real hard. Super sexy.

He felt so big, so thick, against the front of my body. The press of him, the strength of his hands made me shudder against him. He tightened his grip on my hair, forcing me to fight my body’s reaction, or cause myself real pain. My body wanted to buck and fight against his grip, but he’d given me a choice. Control myself or hurt myself. He knew the game, did Mistral.
The feeling of being trapped, of being helpless against his strength, his lust, and what my body needed was almost overwhelming. My eyes shuttered closed at the effort of not struggling in his harsh grasp.
He whispered against my face, and I could not focus enough to see him. “Do you want to ride the storm?”


The chapter ends with Merry telling him “Yes”, and Mistral forces Merry to her knees.

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