A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 1: Let’s get caught up

Hi guys! It’s been a while since the Merry Gentry reviews, so to quickly catch you up on what happened the last few books:

A Kiss of Shadows

Merry Gentry is a half-mortal faerie princess who fled from the land of Faerie after many attempts on her life. She’s accidentally outed and is forced to return back home. Turns out, her aunt, Queen Andais, needs either Merry or her son, Cel, to produce an heir, and soon. Whoever does will become the next ruler of Faerie. And lucky Merry – she gets to choose from the Queen’s own company of sexy, sexy faerie men to procreate with! Also, everyone keeps trying to kill her.

A Caress of Twilight

Merry and her gang of sexy men move back to LA and she continues to pretend to be a private investigator. She forms an alliance with the demi-fey (little bitty faerie people) and moves into the guest residence of Maeve Reed, an exiled faerie actress. And because everyone wants to kill Merry, someone loosed the Nameless, some giant monstrosity of dark power, and Merry and Co. defeat it and absorb its powers.

Seduced by Moonlight

This is where the sex starts ramping up to crazy. In this book, Merry and Co. travel back to St. Louis for some unmemorable reason. Merry becomes allies with the goblins and starts fucking some Dobby-lookalike. Not much else worth mentioning happens.

A Stroke of Midnight was one of the books that initially made me want to start reviewing this series in the chapter by chapter detail I go into, mostly because it’s this book where the sex scenes start getting absolutely ridiculous.

But anyway…

Chapter 1 starts at a press conference. Why? Because this book apparently takes place the immediate next day following Seduced by Moonlight where apparently there was an assassination attempt on Merry. Turns out I completely forgot that this even happened in the couple of years since I reviewed that book. Shows you just how memorable the actual plot of these books are!

Merry describes herself as “dressed in Christmas”. She’s wearing a green suit jacket and a red blouse. These colors only look good as Christmas decorations; why are you dressing yourself up as an ugly sweater for a press conference! This color combination would look so garish and terrible on television, why would you think this is a good idea??



She tells the press that during the assassination attempt, which was apparently caught on video and leaked for the world to see, she was covered in her guard Frost’s blood, not her own. Frost is the super mega grumpy silent brooding guard who Merry quite obviously favors, despite the Queen ordering her not to play favorites. Frost is tall, with chiseled features and silver hair that falls down to his ankles, because when you’re tasked with guarding the last royal faerie princess, nothing like having long fucking hair getting in the way of everything, right?

So the press starts hammering Frost with questions about how he got hurt, why he healed so quickly, if he was afraid of dying, etc. Frost doesn’t talk much to begin with and it takes him several books to actually even open up to Merry despite fucking her constantly, but the stress and anxiety of all these questions gets to him, and Frost starts using his faerie magic to begin spreading, well, frost, around the room.

To stop this reaction before it gets worse/noticeable by the press, Merry gives Frost a quick chaste kiss in front of the crowd, and the chapter ends when Merry realizes that a quick kiss from her means so much to Frost, despite how cold he often is. Get it, cold? Frost?

2 responses to “A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 1: Let’s get caught up

  1. Alongside the “so tight so wet” count, if this shit continues you’re going to have to add a “dressed like Christmas” count.

    They do not go together! I know the eye tends to appreciate opposites on the color wheel, but these are SO ingrained with Christmas in our society (as well as honestly just plain garish a combo for clothing beyond Ugly Christmas Sweaters) that I just have to wonder why this is the third fucking book where she does that!

    I bet it’s because she has “black and blood RED” hair and “tricolored” GREEN eyes and also LKH is unoriginal and probably colorblind…but seriously. Red and green does. Not. WORK!

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