Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 30

Oh cool, another dream chapter. Chapter 30 begins with Merry standing on a mountain looking over the land under her. Standing next to her is a man in a big, thick cloak. He holds his hand out to her and she takes it. His hand is dark, like Doyle’s, but when Merry looks into his face, it’s not Doyle. It’s the God – which really freaking bugs me that LKH is calling this dude “the God”. Like, I get “the Goddess” but “the God” just flows so awful, it totally stops me when I read it. Anyway, the God takes Merry in his arms and she instantly forgets about all her basically slaughtered guard lovers back in reality. He kisses Merry, and then laughs and tells her to “share this with them”.
So Merry wakes up and immediately tries to scream from the intense pain she’s feeling in her chest. She doesn’t have the air to scream, however. Merry sees Kitto looking down at her, and she notices he’s completely covered in blood, but she cannot ask if he’s hurt. As she’s struggling to gain her breath, she overhears some of the guards mention that “Mortal Dread is here…” That’s the queen’s magic sword that can instantly kill an immortal. True death to the sidhe (even though they can apparently totally die anyway, but whatever, plot, right?!)
Kitto asks Merry if she can hear him, and she finally is able to talk. She tells him she can hear him, and then notices Galen pulling himself over to her on his arms. Merry tries to reach out to touch him, but she cannot, and it hurts so badly she starts screaming. Galen keeps crawling over to her, and he takes her hand in his. She then remembers about the dream she had with the God, and she orders Galen to kiss her. He does, and then laughs when they finish, telling her that she tastes like apples. Then he realizes that he no longer is in pain. He’s totally fucking healed, whoopee.
So everyone gets to kiss Merry so she can heal them! Frost is next. He had been completely gutted by the queen, and his intestines are just hanging out, which would be totally rad if this weren’t a stupid magic faerie sex book. I don’t know why LKH didn’t just go off the fucking rails here and have Merry tug on his exposed innards because Frost isn’t paying attention to her like the sexual being she is. Or why they don’t just have sex with his small intestine draped over her like his hair usually does. Why not just roll with it?
But, no, instead we get a nice, tender, loving kiss from Frost even though he’s carrying his stomach in his hand. The kiss instantly heals him, so Doyle drops down next. She tries to kiss him, but she’s in a ton of pain and the guards realize that Merry isn’t able to heal herself with this gift from the God. So Doyle, being less hurt than others, moves aside so that Rhys may be healed next. His once sole good eye has been totally destroyed. Rhys tries to tell Merry not to look at him, he’s far too hideous, and after some convincing, Merry finally is able to kiss him. He’s instantly healed, so Merry tries to reach again for Doyle, but Mistral instead drops Onilwyn by Merry so that she may kiss him. Andais had basically ripped his throat out, so he was very near “death”. They cannot lay him on his back due to the neck injury, so instead Merry has Kitto help her sit up so that she can kiss him.
She’s about to go in for the kiss, but then a female voice tells them to “Wait”. Andais comes into view, carrying Eamon, and she asks Merry to heal Eamon, and then heal her human lover, Tyler, before she heals any of the other guards. The guards pick Merry up so they can carry her over to the queen/Eamon, but they realize Merry is too injured to move. So Andais carries Eamon over to Merry. As she lowers Eamon down, she tells Merry that “you sliced me up, niece, and you did a good job of it.” What the hell.
Andais then tells them that before she began slaughtering all the guards, she was visited by another of the sidhe nobles, Nuline, and they shared some wine. Nuline was one of Cel’s royal guards. Doyle tells the queen that he doesn’t smell any poison in the room, but Andais tells him that it was not poisin. It was a magic spell that put Andais into her bloodlust state. Andais tells them that she will kill whoever cast that spell on her, and then asks Merry to heal all the guards, and she places her hand on Merry’s arm. As soon as she does that, the magic that the God had given Merry pulses through her and rings out into the room.
I heard the voice in my head: All power comes from the head. I understood then, or hoped I did. The reason that the Unseelie couldn’t have children was that Andais couldn’t have children. The reason our magic was fading was that Andais’s magic had begun to fade. She was our queen, our head.
You… you didn’t know this already? I had this figured out after Andais LITERALLY TOLD THEM SHE WAS INFERTILE. The reason the Seelie court couldn’t have children was because the fucking king was infertile, WHY WOULD THIS NOT BE THE SAME FOR THE UNSEELIE?
So anyway, Merry tells Andais to kiss her, so that she may first heal Andais. So aunt and niece start making out, and it’s magical and Merry can taste honeyed fruit and plums and bees and sunshine. As the kiss ends, Merry opens her eyes to find that both she and Andais are glowing that sidhe magical glow, and she realizes that she is now healed. Merry then realizes how beautiful her aunt is, and the magical power of the God rushes through her again, so they begin kissing again.
I kissed those crimson garnet lips, and found my own lips were like deep, red rubies, like melding two separate jewels. I felt my hands cupping the sides of her face, and found the bones of her face delicate, fragile under my hands. My hands were smaller than hers, they had to be, but for this moment they were large enough to cup her face and hold it, gently. I became for that moment the sun, all that was male, all that was the best of what it meant to be male, at his height of prowess, the Summer King, Lord of the Greenwood. I kissed her as she was meant to be kissed, gentle, firm, held in hands larger than my own, held in a strength greater than her own, and the more tender for that, the more careful for it. I kissed her as if she would break. Then she pressed into the kiss, her power spilling through my mouth, and the kiss grew into something less cautious, more sure of itself. At the invitation of her lips, her eater hands on my body, the power of the greenwood rode through her, pierced her. She tore her mouth from mine and cried out.
They then realize that their magical make out session healed everyone in the room. NO WAY. But the mood is sullied after this happens:
“If you were a man I would take you to my bed for this night’s work.”
I wasn’t sure what to say, but knew I had to say something. “Thank you for such a compliment, Aunt Andais.”
She cocked her head to one side like a hawk that’s spied a mouse. “Reminding me that you are my niece will not keep you out of my bed, Meredith. We are like most deities, we often intermarry, or interfuck.”
The queen is quite pleased, however, and the chapter ends with her and Merry basically skipping from the room hand-in-hand to go kill whoever placed that spell on the queen. 

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