Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 begins with Merry watching Andais hack up Frost with her knife. Doyle tries to get in her way, but he is struggling because one of his arms has been hacked away to the bone. Rhys instead gets under Andais’s blade, and she turns her attention to him. Merry tries to struggle against Galen and Adair, but they tell her it is useless, that soon the queen will exhaust herself and the guards will all heal, eventually. Mistral pipes up to tell them that it’s never been this bad before, and that something must be wrong with the queen.
Merry notices that the queen has small wounds that she had accidentally given herself  during the frenzy, but just then she sees Andais plunge her knife into Rhys’s one good eye, so Merry begins screaming his name, and as she screams her power floods through her, and shoots out her left hand, her Hand of Blood. She forces her will towards Andais, and Andais begins pouring blood out of the small wounds on her shoulders and arms. At first, Andais does not notice, and she continues to slaughter the guards. Galen and Adair both freak out at Merry, begging her not to do this, as they believe Andais will then turn her attention to Merry. Merry doesn’t stop, though, and instead focuses all her will at Andais’s neck.
Andais’s neck rips open, as if a magical knife had sliced it through. Blood begins gushing from her new neck wound, and Andais is stopped. She turns her eyes toward Merry, and their eyes lock. Merry continues to scream at Andais to bleed, and the blood continues pouring from all of Andais’s wounds. Andais clenches her hand into a fist, and the air in the room goes absolutely cold. The air in the room disappears, and Merry can no longer breathe. All the guards drop to the ground, and the room goes black.


The chapter ends with Merry passing out, but before she does she thinks that her death was worth it if it stopped Andais from slaughtering the men she loves. 
Finally, a decent chapter that has hardly any dialogue and almost all action. BET YOU WON’T SEE THAT AGAIN ANY TIME SOON!

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