A Caress of Twilight – Chapter 29: Master has given Kitto an orgasm. Kitto is a free sidhe!


Chapter 29 begins with Merry leaning back against a pile of pillows with Kitto cuddled up next to her. Merry holds out her hand for Sage to land on, so that he can feed off of her finger. Kitto is staring at the demi-fey with a not too friendly look upon his face. Sage lands on Merry’s wrist and kneels down on her palm so that he can grasp her middle finger. Sage then asks Merry if he has her permission to use his glamour on her, you know, like they hadn’t just talked about all that a chapter ago. Merry nods yes, and almost immediately she feels all the pain from her shoulder wound drain away. Merry begins petting Kitto, stroking his curly hair like one would a DOG OR SMALL CHILD, and then huskily tells Sage that his glamour is very good.
Surrendering to someone’s glamour, if his glamour ran to the sensual, could be a wondrous experience. Sidhe did not do it with each other, because to practice glamour on another sidhe in an intimate situation was considered a grave insult. But the lesser fey practiced it often among themselves, and almost always when lying with a sidhe. Perhaps it was insecurity. Perhaps it was just a way of saying, look what we have to offer.
Sage had much to offer.
Sage continues stroking Merry’s hand, lightly kissing it at times. Merry feels the glamour spill over her and reach Kitto, who then begins rubbing himself against her leg like a dog humping a leg. Because of course. Suddenly, Merry feels Sage bite into her finger.
He bit me like he was biting into an apple, sharp, but the pain floated away, and when he began to suck at the wound, it was like he had a thin, red thread from my fingertip to my groin. Every movement of his mouth pulled on things low in my body.
He fed, drawing faster, harder, and it was as if he stroked lower things, faster, harder. I felt that growing warm weight in my body that said I was on the edge, the edge of pleasure. It was as if Sage had coaxed me to the edge of a cliff I hadn’t seen, and I had to choose whether to fall over it into the embrace beyond.
I couldn’t think. I couldn’t decide anything. I had become only sensation, the growing tug of pleasure, the weight of warmth building, building in my body. Then that warmth flooded out of me, over me, through me. I called out, but it wasn’t pain that burst from my lips. I cried out in pleasure and writhed on the sheets, caught between Sage’s mouth still locked on my body, and the firmness of Kitto’s body pressed against my leg. Kitto’s body rode mine as I writhed on the bed, his hands sliding over my waist, upward to brush the tip of one breast. It was a tentative touch, but in my heightened state, it felt like so much more.
So Merry and Kitto start having sex. Well, after Merry tells Kitto flat out that during the sex, he can take “blood only, Kitto. No flesh missing when we’re done.” Because you have to bargain before sex with a goblin, remember? And Kitto responds with a “Yes, mistress,” because that’s totally not at all creepy, not at all.
Kitto slid inside me, and I was more than wet, more than ready. He seemed larger than I knew he was, filling me up, swelling inside me. He raised himself up on his arms, pressing our lower bodies together, frozen for a moment with his body sunk inside mine, with us joined. He gazed down at me spread underneath him, and a single tear welled up from one blue eye.
I knew what the goblins considered sex, and they didn’t cry at the first joining. Through the glamour I saw Kitto – through all the magic, I truly saw him – and I raised a hand up, a hand that had already gone white and shining. I touched that one crystal tear and did what goblins do with precious body fluids; I touched it to my lips. I drank the salt of his tears, and he made a sound low in his throat and began to thrust himself inside me.

I’m so sorry
Anyway, so Kitto begins glowing like the sidhe do when they have sex, and the light from their bodies illuminate the room blah blah blah. Once the glow fades and they’re finished, Merry notices all the guards are surrounding her bed, hands held up palms out. They’ve invoked a magical barrier around Merry and Kitto.
Doyle’s deep voice came. “The next time you decide to invoke enough energy to raise an island from the sea, Meredith, a little warning would be good.”
I blinked up at him, for he stood closest to me. “Did we hurt anything?”
“We caught it in time, I think, but the news will probably be full of unusual tides. We will have to see if the ground itself holds still for such a release.”
What? What does this even mean?
Kitto then apologizes for doing whatever he did, and Merry tells him not to be sorry. That they all forgot that he was part sidhe (maybe because they’ve been too busy treating him like a child and/or a pet??) and that he has come into his power. Kitto pouts and buries his face against Merry’s breasts, telling them that he has no powers, no magic. Merry tells him that now that he’s a sidhe, his powers will come.
So, just because he has sex with Merry, he’s a sidhe now?
Anyway, they’re all hugging or whatever and then Merry notices that Sage has separated himself from the group. His face was tear-streaked, but he looks pissed off.
“Damn you, Princess, and damn this newest prince. I have glimpsed heaven and found it fair, and now I stand on the shores of earth, abandoned. I did not understand until this moment what it meant that you were sidhe and I was not.”
Kitto then notices a large bite mark on Merry’s chest, right in between her breasts. He apologizes for marking her again, and Merry tells him to never apologize, she wears his marks with pride. Yeah, she does now that she NEARLY KILLED HIM by treating him like a pet. Kitto also notices that Merry marked him, when she dragged her nails through his chest during the sex. How fucking long and gross are your nails, Merry, jesus Christ? Doyle notices that Kitto seems proud of these marks, and so he turns around and lifts up his shirt to show his marked back, from when he and Merry had sex the other… day? Was it a day ago? Who even cares. Doyle tells Kitto that he is now an Unseelie sidhe, and should be proud of Merry’s marks on his body. Doyle then lays a kiss on Kitto’s forehead and all the other guards follow suit, all kissing Kitto on the forehead like one would when they’re proud of their child. Kitto is all crying and shaking and shit, not sure how to react to all the emotions he is having, when Sage flies up into the air between them all, and tells them that he hates them all. Doyle stands aside so that Sage may fly out of the room. Sage flies out, but turns to them as he is about to exit the room.
“The queen has had her price, but you have not had your cure. The cure lies within my body where the queen didst place it. I meant to share you with the goblin to ensure his silence, not be displaced by him.” He hissed like an angry cat. “Who knew goblin could be sidhe? Would that it were me in thy arms and not he. What could have been done in pleasant glamour will nidst be done in unpleasant bargain.” He hissed again, and vanished into the darkness beyond. The door slammed shut behind him.
We all stared at the door. “Did he mean what I think he meant?” Galen asked.
“It would amuse Niceven to force a sidhe princess to pleasure one of her tiny men,” Doyle said.
I raised my eyebrows at that. “How?”
“Best not to ask,” he said, and he looked down at Kitto, “for tonight we will worry over nothing. We have found new blood of our blood, kin of our kin. We will sorrow over nothing tonight.”
So the chapter ends with Merry and Co throwing a party to celebrate Kitto becoming a man sidhe. Around dawn, an earthquake hits and they all realize it was a sort of aftershock to the sex that Merry and Kitto had, because that’s plausible, and then the chapter closes on this stupidity:
It was a little after dawn when the earthquake hit, a 4.4 on the Richter scale, centered in El Segundo. There is no major fault underneath El Segundo. It’s probably all that saved us from demolishing the entire city. It lasted for only about a minute, really not that much damage overall; no one was killed, though there were injuries. But it added an entirely new twist on the idea of safe sex.


Ha Ha Ha shut up, LKH. 

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