A Caress of Twilight – Chapter 28: The most pointless chapter


Chapter 28 begins with Sage fluttering off of Merry’s hand and landing on her breasts. Merry moves her arm to shoo him off, and he seems offended. He asks if she will deny him “heart-blood”, like that’s an actual thing. Isn’t all blood “heart-blood”? Merry tells him that she saw what the demi-fey did to Galen, so she doesn’t really trust Sage to not destroy her chest. Sage reluctantly moves back to Merry’s hand, but then he begins kissing her hand. Merry is enjoying this, when suddenly she realizes he is using glamour to make his kissing sensation more powerful, to make Merry enjoy it more. She reminds him not to use glamour on her. Sage tells her that without the glamour, his feeding will be quite painful for her. Merry thinks on this, and realizes she is still quite sore from Kitto’s bite, so she allows Sage to use just enough of his glamour to mask the pain, nothing more. She tells him that if she catches him using more glamour than that, she will call the guards on him.
Sage then asks why she’d call the guards, when she has Kitto right there to protect her. Merry tells him that goblins fall easily to any strong glamour. Merry does her typical “you’re wrong about that and here’s why”, because obviously Merry knows more about anything else in her world, what with her being the only “learned” sidhe. She tells Sage that the demi-fey actually have incredibly strong glamour, and were well known for using their glamour to lead people astray to their deaths. Sage argues that they only lead people who deserved to die to their deaths, such as a butterfly collector who happens to collect several of the demi-fey along with the butterflies. Merry tries to argues with this, telling him there’s no harm in an entomologist collecting butterflies, but she then realizes that Sage basically has butterfly wings, and he’d consider the butterflies brethren.
The chapter ends with Merry deciding not to continue arguing with him, because she couldn’t form a counter-argument that didn’t make her sound like a hypocrite. Because this entire chapter wasn’t a huge waste of time or anything. 

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