A Kiss of Shadows – Chapter 14: A big sack of bloody guts

Chapter 14 begins with Merry trying to reach her gun before Nerys the Grey, one of the hags who protects Sholto, attacks her. Before she can reach the gun, though, Nerys grabs her and throws her to the ground. The hag begins slashing at Merry with her long claws, tearing through the skin of her arms and legs. Merry briefly gets away only to find herself back into a corner. Sholto isn’t there to come to her assistance, she realizes, because he had been knocked down by a large black shadow.
Merry raises her arms out and Nerys begins slashing at her outstretched arms, screaming “He’s ours! He’s ours!” Merry feels power begin to rise through her. She places her hand on Nerys’s chest and pushes away, which forces the power into Nerys’s body, and then she sees Nerys’s body begin to change, as if the skin began to flow like a thick fluid, spreading over her body. Merry realizes that Nerys’s body is turning inside out on itself. All her internal organs were finding new places on the outside of her body, all the muscle and sinews flowed into a massive ball of flesh.
Nerys was immortal, and now she had been turned inside out. Merry heard screaming come from inside the flesh ball, so she turns and runs. As she nears the door, she sees Sholto forced to the ground with Black Agnes mounted on his body, riding that cock like it’s the last great rodeo.
Merry runs. She makes it to the elevator, riding it down to the lobby, before she realizes she’s not wearing a shirt and is also covered in blood. On the way down in the elevator, Merry begins to realize the horror she caused in the hotel room, turning Nerys inside out with her power, and discovers that she is likely in shock, because she knows she should be screaming in horror at the thought of her newfound power. Instead, she uses her personal glamour magics to help conceal herself from any sluagh that may be in the hotel, as well as glamour some clothes onto her/do away with the blood so she doesn’t alarm any humans.
The elevator doors open, and Merry sets off for one of the exits, but notices the third hag, Segna the Gold, sitting on a nearby couch. Segna glances at Merry but doesn’t make any sort of move, just narrows her eyes a bit. Merry turns on her heel and heads for the other set of exit doors, but sees Gethin, that weird little Hawaiian shirt wearing goblin thing, blocking that exit. She quickly scans the hotel lobby for somewhere else to hide and then heads to the ladies’ room. As she shuts the door to the bathroom, she quickly wards it with runes drawn in blood. Merry sees a very small window high above the row of stalls, so she grabs a small chair (there’s always chairs and couches in ladies’ restrooms. Always) and begins dragging it over.
She gets the chair in place and is about to open the window when a mass of tentacles slams against the window, which causes Merry to fall to the floor. Knowing she cannot exit the window, she places wards around it to keep them from getting in. She turns to the sinks to try to stop the bleeding on her arms  when she notices a small dark shadowy figure crouching in the corner of the mirror. The figure begins to walk towards her inside the mirror. Merry is trapped. She cannot place wards on the mirror because it is not, to her, a door or a window. She doesn’t have enough power to perform mirror-magic, so she finds herself trapped, unable to leave through the door or window, and unable to stop the figure coming closer to her in the mirror.
Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and two normal human women enter. They entered laughing and went into the stalls without a second glance at Merry, which lets her know that her glamour is still holding up fine. She turns back to the mirrors and notices that a small spider is crawling in the mirror She realizes that this probably the same spider who helped her before, or at least sent from the same person, so she writes “Help Me” in her blood on a piece of paper towel and pressed it to the mirror near the spider. The paper towel passed through the mirror. The shadowy figure picks up the paper towel and then Merry hears a voice say “Done.”
The two women, now both checking their makeup in the other mirrors, hear this voice as well and instantly become worried or confused. Merry realizes that she does not have enough power to hide the figure in the mirror, and knowing that he is going to be exiting the mirror soon, knows she must do something to hide him. She goes over to the wall and the chapter ends with her turning off the lights in the bathroom.
Characters Introduced:
Spidey – shadowy figure who controls spiders
Themes Introduced:
Merry was able to turn Nerys inside out with her power.

Sex: Well, Sholto got raped by a hag, so that’s cool.

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