A Kiss of Shadows – Chapter 9: Making out with a pig

Chapter nine begins with Merry, Jeremy, Ringo, and Uther driving in a van to the airport. They’re taking side streets since they’re so close. Merry is sitting on top of Uther’s lap because apparently his magic is so old school and strong that it’ll likely help to hide Merry’s magical aura. Merry curls up on him like a child on her grandfather’s lap.
When she realizes that her being on Uther’s lap is making him quite uncomfortable. He explains that since finding out Merry was a sidhe she has lost her innocence… he now knows that Merry could likely have sex with him. Uther is very, very large and haven’t had sex since he came to the US many many years ago. Before, when he thought Merry was just part fey, he thought she could never handle sex with someone as large as him, but the sidhe could. Knowing Merry could handle it makes him now want her.
Merry explains that she is still part human so she likely could not handle all of Uther, but she instead starts making out with him to prove to him she doesn’t find him freakish, she didn’t find him ugly.
This is what she is making out with, folks. While she’s running from monsters.
Jeremy stops them, because the van was forced to a stop. There is a car wreck on the route to the airport, so they turn down a different side road to get there and find yet another car accident. That’s when Merry senses them, the Host. They make Merry hide squished up in the seat behind Uther, which seemed to work until something with an excellent sense of smell went behind the seat and caught a whiff of Merry’s aura. The ogre, hidden under a glamour spell to appear human, rips the back of the seat open and pulls Merry out.
This sends Uther into a rage, and he punches the ogre. It sends the ogre flying and causes his glamour to drop. Humans in the area begin screaming as they see the ogre appear in front of them, and this alarms the police, who begin to make their way closer to the van, until a voice calls out telling the police to stop.
Merry recognizes the voice. Sholto, Lord of That Which Passes Between, Lord of Shadows, King of the Sluagh, of the Host. He advances on the van, but Uther slams the van door in his face and sends Merry running. She runs from the car, joining a group of humans running from the scene, and begins throwing glamour upon glamour on herself to blend in. She makes it several blocks away when she hears a loud, high scream pierce the air. She stops and looks at the sky and sees a large dark shape, a nightflyer, pass overhead and land on a nearby building. She sees several of these shapes line the top of the building. Knowing they could fly faster than she can run, she takes off running anyway.
Characters Introduced:
Sholto: King of the Sluagh/Host. Half sidhe, half nightflyer. Tall with long hair and pale skin, but is covered with tentacles from the chest down. Part of the Queen’s Guard.
Nightflyers: large, black shaped, flying creatures
Themes Introduced:
Merry makes out with anything.

Sex: pig man mouth fucking
Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard. I’d fuck me so hard.

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