Swallowing Darkness – Chapter 39: Bleed for Me? I Guess?

Chapter 39 begins with Merry ordering her solders to start shooting at Cel and his group. Smart, to just open gunfire on the soldiers who are carrying her lover, but when has Merry ever been smart?

Merry realizes that not all the sidhe soldiers are going down from the gunfire, so she opens one of her hands of power: the hand of blood. Blood starts pouring out of the sidhe solders’ wounds. At the exact same moment, Cel looses his hand of old blood, which causes blood to flow from previously healed wounds on Merry and her men. Merry shouts “mine!” and her magic stops Cel’s.

I screamed, “Bleed for me!”
Blood geysered from them, and I could feel their flesh tearing under my power, their wounds like a doorway that my power could rip apart. The blood arched, black and shining liquid. The sound of it was like rain on the grass and trees around them.
The brilliant armor in all its rainbow colors began to turn black with blood and gore. They were screaming now, but what they screamed was “Mercy!” They called for mercy, but as I watched Doyle lay motionless at their feet, covered in black blood, I discovered that I Had no mercy to give them.
I had never meant them to die for me. The thought came, “What did you think would happen if you sent soldiers against the Unseelie?” But even Cel wasn’t supposed to be mad enough to fight the United States Army. I hadn’t foreseen this, hadn’t dreamed that he would be so out of control. But my lack of foresight didn’t matter. I had asked for help, and my help was dying around me.

Wait… just a few paragraphs prior to this, Dawson literally asks Merry “What did you do? One minute we were bleeding, now we’re not.” But now her soldiers are dying around her again?

Cel was weak, evil-minded, and petty. Faerie would never accept him. I was going back to L.A. but I could not leave my people to him. I could not leave faerie in his inadequate hands.
I whispered onto the wind, “Bleed for me.” The wind carried my voice, my magic, and where it moved it began to form into a whirlwind. A tornado formed of ice and blood and power. Faerie was the land, the land was faerie, and I had been crowned its queen. It rose to my word, my power, and my desire.
The nobles around him who could move, ran. Those who could crawl did so. They picked up their wounded and fled. Cel screamed at them, “Come back, cowards!”
His concentration had slipped away from me, and my old wounds were closed, as if by….magic.


So Cel starts throwing his power at his former followers, and then there’s a swoosh of blackness and Andais appears in front of him. Merry starts to push her magic at Andais, but Andais throws her magic out over it, coating the field in darkness. The chapter then ends with the air becoming heavy, with Merry and her soldiers struggling to breathe, and Merry realizes that Andais likely means to kill them.

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