Swallowing Darkness – Chapter 32: Let’s Play Telephone

Chapter 32 starts with Specialist Gregorio relaying communication from Cel to Merry, which is always a fun thing to read. Cel is claiming that he wants to bring Merry back to the Unseelie Court so they can protect her, and so that she can be crowned queen. Gregorio says this sounds suspect, and Merry agrees, telling her that they don’t believe him either.

“You mean he honestly expects her to go with him quietly, and us not to fight him?”
“I believe that is his plan,” Doyle said.
“You’d have to be crazy to believe that,” Gregorio said.
“You would,” Doyle said.
The woman looked at all three of us. “Your faces have all gone blank. You’re trying not to let me see what you’re thinking, but your blank faces say it all. You think he’s crazy, as in certifiable.”
“I do not know what certifiable means,” Doyle said.
“It means crazy enough to be committed to a hospital,” Rhys said. “He is a prince of faerie. Such personages are not committed to insane asylums,” Doyle said.
“Then what do you do with them?” she asked.
“They tend to die,” he said, and even in the darkened car I could see that hint of a smile again.

So Gregorio gets kind of pissed, thinking they expect her and the rest of the National Guard that was called in to kill the prince for them. Merry convinces her otherwise, and says she just wants their help getting away from Cel and the rest of them.

The chapter then ends with them trying to drive around the crowd gathering in the road. Yep, another 2 page chapter. This wasn’t even worth typing up. I’m so sorry 😦

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