A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 5-6: Let’s fight some cops!

Chapter 5 begins with Merry calling the cops. Now, if you’ve read enough LKH books, you know that her badass female lead never gets along well with cops. Especially male cops. Because all male authority figures don’t take well to a headstrong, powerful woman, am I right? Also, why is Merry calling the cops? Isn’t she surrounded by security detail? She even talks about how the Queen has a secretary who found the number to call, and yet it’s Merry who makes the call, from the Queen’s office phone, no less.

And the cop answers it with “Your Highness.” Like the Queen actually ever makes any phone calls. It’s talked about at length elsewhere in this series how Queen Andais actually has no clue about technology and barely even tries to learn anything about humans, so why would she ever be picking up a telephone to make a call. To cops no less!

Sure enough, right off the bat, Major Walters is pissed off. Merry had been shot in the previous book on his duty, so he’s obviously pissed about all this, and taking it out on Merry.

Which makes me think… this cop is from the St. Louis PD. The Anita Blake world is also set in St. Louis. As much as I love to hate these books, I’d totally read a crossover novel. Even though, if Merry and Anita were to meet, it would just be some entirely too long female power struggle that ends in them fucking, I’d still totally read this.

Anyway, Merry eventually calms Major Walter’s nerves by convincing him that if he comes to help them solve the murders, he’ll totally redeem the St. Louis PD and himself in the eyes of the press, which will be super good for his career. Merry also asks him to bring the cop who had shot her, because she wanted to help redeem his name as well. The chapter ends with Major Walters telling Merry that she’s almost too nice to be true, and this makes Merry reminisce on something her father used to tell her.

My father had taught me to be nice first, because you can always be mean later, but once you’ve been mean to someone, they won’t believe the nice anymore. So be nice, be nice, until it’s time to stop being nice, then destroy them.

Which, sure, great advice, buy why couldn’t it have been written in a way that doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out?

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 begins with Merry making yet another phone call, this time to the federal agent who had tried to solve her father’s murder all those years ago. Merry tries to kick everyone out except for Galen, but Doyle has a shit fit about this. He starts complaining about how he should have been made aware that Merry was in communication with a federal agent, and seems almost pissed that someone with as little power as Galen knew this.

So Merry calls Gillett, who apparently became somewhat of a surrogate father to Merry in the time after her father’s murder. The way she describes him makes him seem quite important to her. Or, maybe not, because within minutes she’s all “I totally regret calling you” for no discernible reason. She tells him about the murders, he offers to head there with a team, and, well…

“No, no team. I’ve already got a few police coming with a forensic unit. You can come, but you can’t bring dozens of agents with you. This happened inside the sithen, not on federal land this time.”
“We could help you.”
“Maybe, or maybe there would just be more humans to get injured. We’ve got a dead reporter, that’s bad enough. We can’t afford to have an FBI agent get killed by one of us.”
“We’ve talked about this for years, Merry. Don’t cut me out now.”
“My father’s murder is sixteen years old; it is secondary here, Raymond. The priority is the new deaths. Hearing your voice now, I’m not sure that would be the case for you.”

What? All he’s said is “Let me help!” Why’d she even bother calling him in the first place if, as soon as he offers his help, she instantly flips into “YOU”RE OBVIOUSLY STILL STRUNG UP ON MY DEAD DAD, NO.” What a boring, pointless fucking plot point.

Oh, turns out, she had called him in the first place because the murders reminded her of her father’s murder, So she totally flipped on Gillett for no reason other than she’s still mad about her dad. She made some poor guy who had the gall to actually care about her upset and angry because she can’t handle her own emotions. Some future queen she is.

Doyle came to me. “I watch you grow more worthy of being queen every day, Meredith, every minute.”

What, no! If Merry’s going to be flipping out on the people who want nothing but to help her because she can’t even handle her own emotions, she has no right being called queen material. That’s what Queen Andais spends each and every goddamn book doing, and all they do is complain about how they have to tiptoe around the Queen so that they don’t set her off. Merry is pretty much the same fucking thing, truth be told. She just doesn’t physically torture anyone who sets her off. Just emotionally. Way fucking better, right?!

The chapter ends with Merry crying in a pile of her stupid men because she can’t handle her own emotions. Didn’t we just talk about how a queen can’t have fits of hysterics??

One response to “A Stroke of Midnight Chapter 5-6: Let’s fight some cops!

  1. Why the fuck did Doyle even say he “watches her become queen more and more” blah blah? Was he, like…low-key insulting her with a secret Andais comparison? Or does he think queens oughta scream at FBI agents who’ve apparently spent 16 years trying to comfort her and solve her father’s murder? Like…I genuinely cannot tell wtf he means with that one.


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