Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 27 (also my 100th post!)

Chapter 27 begins with the group gathering outside the black doors that lead to the queen’s bedroom. There were two of her guards standing outside the door, which is apparently odd in this world, as typically the guards stand on the INSIDE of the doors, because Andais enjoyed having audiences while she fucks. Both of the guards are naked, and both of them are plant deities. One is Adair, which apparently means ‘oak grove’, and his hair has been cut super short like Amatheon’s had been. Amatheon tells Merry that he was not the only of the guards to express reluctance in being sent to Merry, and that Adair was the first to be made an example of. 

I’m glad that we’re being introduced to these two new guards. We definitely needed more characters in these books. 
They then begin talking about Adair as if he’s not in the room. Merry wonders why Adair would not want to sleep with her, like she’s the most priziest of ass, and Amatheon tells her that he wishes, above all, to be left alone, to be neutral, but Merry scoffs at that because the only truly neutral entity in the world is Switzerland. Yep.
The other guard is Briac, who for some dumb reason goes by Brii. Brii seems happy to see Merry but realizes that the other two guards (Ivi and Hawthorne) haven’t fucked Merry yet. Doyle tells them of the assassination attempt and they try to enter the queen’s room, but Adair gets in the way, telling them that the queen’s orders were very specific. They are to fuck Merry if she has not fucked Ivi or Hawthorne. Doyle and Co keep trying to push their way through, but Adair and Brii are very insistent about following the queen’s orders. So, Doyle gets all pissy about this.
“I am captain here, Adair, not you.”
“It is good to have you back,
Captain,”- Adair made that last word an insult- “but whatever your rank, it is not greater than the queen’s. She is our master, not you. She made this very clear to me, Darkness, very clear.”
They were almost touching, so terribly close, almost too close to fight. “You refuse my direct order?”
“I refuse to disobey the queen’s direct order, yes.”
“I ask you one last time, Adair, will you step aside?”
“No, Darkness, I will not.”
I don’t even understand why they’re making such a huge issue over this. Word count ++, I guess.
So, Merry orders Doyle to stand down, which of course he won’t follow because HE’S THE CAPTAIN NOT HER or whatever, and no one actually ever follows Merry’s orders. After more arguing, Merry finally gets everyone to agree – she will let Adair “taste” the ring if he lets some guards into the queen’s room to inform her of the events that have passed. She places the ring against his skin and it flares to life. Doyle asks Merry what she’s going to do, and she responds that she’ll do “whatever Adair wants her to do”.
Merry moves over to Adair and the ring instantly explodes into power, and it washes over them. The air around them is resonating with strong magic, and Adair mistakes this for an attack. He shoves Merry back into the stone wall so that he can protect her, and Doyle is like “Dude, wtf, no, the walls are just moving.” Somehow, right as the ring burst to life when Merry touched Adair, the wall opposite them transformed from a flat wall to a deep alcove with a pool of water.
Apparently at one point in time, this alcove existed in the sithen. It had been a bubbling spring with a fruit tree behind it, and behind the tree was a great meadow. With the reduction in power of the sidhe, the meadows and trees that once lived in the sithen disappeared. Which is somewhat confusing to me, because hadn’t the sidhe’s power diminished before they came to the US? I mean, they only came to the US in the early 1800s (during the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson), and they all talk about how it had been many, many years since they had the levels of power they’re now being returned to. So does the sithen travel with the fey when they move from country to country?
Adair and Merry begin exploring the alcove. Merry reaches out to touch Adair’s back, and his skin flares up with color. Adair asks what Merry did to him. Merry’s fingers are glowing and she is somehow able to draw the light all over the room. She feels the urge to paint that light all over Adair’s skin, but instead she moves to the tree and dry spring of water. She finds a small, cracked wooden cup in the leaves under the tree, so she picks it up and places it at the dry mouth of the spring.
“There is no water to be had from this place, Princess,” Adair said.
I ignored him and held the cup against the rock. I sent the power on my fingers into that small dark opening, spread it on the crack like invisible jam, so think, so rich. I knew in that instant that it had been meant for another more real liquid to be spread upon it. But this would do; this, too, was part of Adair’s essence. Part of his power, his maleness. Male energy to touch the opening in the rock, like the opening of a woman. Male and female to bring forth life.
Emphasis on the OBVIOUS REFERENCE TO JIZZ mine.
Anyway, water starts to trickle from the spring mouth and at that exact moment, someone tells them all that the queen is coming to see what all the commotion is about. Adair flips out, yelling that Merry has tricked him for some reason? Merry ignores this and begins playing with the water and the cracked wooden cup. She manages to fill the cup, and Doyle asks her who the water in the cup is for.


The chapter ends with Merry rising to meet the queen, unsure if the queen will drink the water from the newly revived spring. 

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