Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 begins with Merry dreaming. Great. Not only do I have to suffer through Merry’s boring-ass life, but now I have to read about her stupid dreams too? How fun.
Dream Merry is standing on a hill and a hooded woman is standing next to her. The woman motions outward, and then Merry notices that Doyle is crossing the field towards her, surrounded by huge Hell hounds, or Gabriel Ratchets, or whatever. Galen is there as well, and as he walks toward Merry trees spring up from his step.
Oh boy, Nicca is there too, playing with the new forests that have sprung up. And then Rhys appears, and he’s leading a vast army of zombies across the field. Merry turns to face the opposite direction and Kitto appears with a group of goblins standing behind him.
The woman draws Merry’s attention back to her, and she sticks the staff she was holding into the hill. It begins to transform into a large, but dead, tree. The woman reaches into the tree and pulls out a silver chalice. It’s shining and covered in jewels, and the woman shoves the chalice at Merry and tells her to drink from it. Merry drinks, and it feels as if she is drinking light. The woman takes the chalice back, and Merry notices that the tree is now living, and birds are flying around it. She then wakes.
Merry wakes with a gasp and Rhys asks her if she’s okay. Before she can answer him, she reaches her hand under the covers, and pulls out the same chalice from her dream.
And the chapter ends. It was a bit longer than this review makes it seem, but I skipped over A LOT of the description of the guards skipping around the magical dream field because reading about people’s dreams are boring.
Unless they’re my dreams and in that case they’re amazing and I’d rather read twenty books filled with my dreams than Merry’s lame goddess dreams. Like for instance, last night’s dream involved me discovering a secret entrance to an underground society underneath a museum. The society controlled access to these super submarines that could dive to the deepest parts of the ocean with little effort – and I discovered that what we think as the deepest part of the ocean was actually a portal to deeper ocean areas where the giant sea creatures of lore, megadon and massive giant squid, angler fish the size of 747s, etc swam free. Sort of like the avanc from China Mieville’s The Scar. And I managed to infiltrate this society and explore the ocean. 

I’d rather read my mangled, pathetic description of that awesome dream than Merry’s stupid dream from this chapter. 

One response to “Seduced by Moonlight – Chapter 8

  1. Hahaha you pretty much dreamed much of the plot from The Meg, but like…a smarter version.

    Also, I (and everyone I know) hate it when people go on long meandering bullshit soliloquy’s about their dreams. NO ONE CARES. Yet you’ve long been my sole exception as yours are cinematic and often odd enough to truly be interesting…LKH can barely make a character interesting, actually scratch that…she no longer even has that ability…reading some long bullshit dream sequence she undoubtedly thinks is clever and vague (it’s not) is fuckin’ ACTUAL TORTURE. All of that could have simply happened within the story, anyway—it’s not like these fantastically-muscled-yet-still-SO-girly men would ever miss a chance to frolic. Making it a dream just makes it an extra large waste of time. Like how everyone gets angry when a story ends on, “It was all a dream!” (or solely happened in an autistic kid staring at a snow globe or whatever) because it feels like a legit WASTE—if even the author just says “lol none of that actually happened” (which—DUH—it’s fiction, but still) it entirely undermines any reason for have given any time to the story. Whatta bitch.

    Also, it’s actually kinda strange that LKH has such a huge, obvious distaste for same sex couples (even written actions speak louder than written words!) when she’s made all of her love interests in Merry and Anita both SOOO whiny, overdramatic to the point of becoming infantile, so using their bodies to tease others…all traits that people tend to think of as “girly,” the MEN have in spades. Plus their long, luxurious, oh-so soft hair…everything about them is described more feminine, except for the fact they also have ridiculous muscle structures. You’d think that would be Freudian, maybe indicate she has a secret obsession with women, but with LKH who fuckin’ knows. Very little has any meaning.


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