A Caress of Twilight – Chapter 25: Kitto bites like a dog

Chapter 25 begins with Merry laying Kitto down on her bed. He looked like a ghost with his pale, pale skin on top of her dark burgundy sheets. Rhys is standing near the dresser, and Merry asks him if he is going to protest her sharing her body with a goblin. For once, one of the men doesn’t get mad or take offense at it, and Rhys lets it go. They all determine that Kitto is too weak to have sex with Merry, but Merry thinks she should be able to rouse him enough to get him to take a bite out of her.
I looked down at the tiny man. He seemed asleep, but his skin still had that awful thin quality like it was wearing away. I stroked my hand down his shoulder. He wiggled closer to me, but did not wake. I leaned over to him, putting my mouth just above the skin of his shoulder. I had raised my shields automatically when I’d finished using the magic to contact Kurag. Shielding was like breathing for me. It was dropping them that took concentration. I’d learned to shield about the same time I’d learned to read. But this wasn’t a spell; this was less, and more than that. The human witches call it natural magic, which means a natural ability you can perform without much training or effort.
I drew magic, energy, into my breath and blew it across his skin. I willed him to wake, to see me. Kitto’s eyes fluttered open, and this time he did see me. His voice came hoarse, “Merry.” I smiled at him, touching the curls on the side of his pale face. “Yes, Kitto, it’s me.” He frowned, and grimaced as if something hurt. “What’s happening?”
“You need to take flesh from me.”
He continued to frown up at me as if he hadn’t understood.
I took off my jacket and began unbuttoning my blouse. I probably could have pushed the sleeve up enough to expose my shoulder, but I didn’t want to get blood on the white material. The bra underneath was white, as well, but I was pretty sure I could keep it from getting stained if I was careful.
I love that at this moment she’s fucking worried Kitto will get her blood all over her precious white clothes. This seems like a totally valid thing to worry about when YOUR TINY CHILDLIKE LOVER IS DYING.
“Leave your mark on my body, Kitto.”
“We contacted Kurag,” Doyle said. “He said that the reason you are ailing is that your mark with Meredith has healed. Her energy must sustain you away from faerie, and for that you need a new sharing of flesh.” Kitto stared up at the tall dark man. “I don’t understand.” I touched his face, turned his eyes back to me. “Does it matter, does anything matter except the scent of my skin?” I put my wrist next to his face, then slid my arm slowly, just above his lips, so that our bodies touched here and there. I ended on my knees by the bed, taking my other arm behind his head to bring his face closer to the upper part of my free arm, just below the shoulder. During sex, biting is great, even some bloodletting; but this was cold, and I wasn’t ready for it. This was going to hurt, so I preferred it be somewhere with some cushioning, some meat.
Wait, so you’re giving him your fleshy fat upper arm? That area doesn’t exactly feel good when something bites into it. Not speaking from actual experience being bitten there, but I’ve got a pretty detailed half-sleeve, and let me tell you, getting tattooed there isn’t very pretty, especially the inner-arm.
So Kitto finally fucking bites her and obviously it hurts. His teeth have sunk in deep and blood starts flowing out of his mouth from the wound. The blood stains her white bra SUCH A TRAVESTY. Merry can’t scream, can’t tear her arm away from Kitto, so she begins blowing in his face, quick sharp breaths into his face, to distract him. He opens his eyes and finally releases Merry.
Merry slumps away from the bed, and at that moment they hear the sound of bells coming from the mirror. Someone is calling, but they weren’t expecting any calls. Her guards help Merry up onto the bed, and they answer the call while Merry is still bleeding from her bite-wound.

It’s some Seelie sidhe named Hedwick, King Taranis’s social secretary. Being one of the Seelie, and the chapter ends with Merry realizing he was not going to enjoy seeing Merry bleeding all over her poor white bra, with Kitto’s mouth covered in blood.  

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