Mid-Book Break: LKH Pronunciation Guide, or How the Author Found a Celtic Baby Name Book and Went Hogwild!

Hello and Happy November friends! 

Tonight I finished reading book 3 of our series, and happened across a Pronunciation Guide at the back of the book. Now, I’m reading these on my Nook, so when I finish the book, the menu page automatically comes up, and I typically switch to another book either in the series, or if the book is a doozy of terrible, to another better book to cleanse the palette. 
This time, I went back into the book and found LKH has a Pronunciation Guide as well as a freaking Bibliography at the back of these books. A fucking Bibliography. Who even calls it that these days? But, at least we know she’s actually trying to maintain some sort of source material when writing these, even if she does dress all her faeries in bondage and lace, cover them in hair down to their ankles, and use up all the terrible writer cliches, and Mary Sue her lovely way through whatever she writes. 
Regardless, I thought I’d post up the Pronunciation Guide for your reading pleasure! Some of the characters have yet to be introduced, so think of this as a glimpse of what’s to come 🙂

Pronunciation Guide
Most of the names used in the books come from two sources: Celtic Baby Names by Judy Sierra and Celtic Names for Children by Loreto Todd.
Abloec – ab-LOCK
Adair – a-DARE
Adaria – AH-dare-ee-a
Afagdu – a-fag-DUE
Ametheon – A-math-eon
Andais – ON-dee-ay-us
Artagan – ART-a-gan
Baindhe Dub – Ban-ith DU
Barinthus – BA-rinth-us
Besaba – bet-SHA-ba
Bhatar – VAH-tur
Bleddyn – BLETH-in
Branwyn – BRAN-wen
Briac – bree-ACK
Bryok – bri-OCK
Bucca – BOO-ka
Carrow – CARE-o
Cel – KEL
Conri – CON-ree
Creeda – CREE-da
Doyle – DOLE
Eamon – AY-mon
Edain – e-DANE
Eluned – el-EEN-ed
Emrys – EM-rees
Essus – ES-us
Ezekiel – Ee-zeke-ee-el
Fey – FAY
Fflur – FLEW-er
Roane Finn – ROAN FIN
Firblogs – FUR-blogs
Galen – GAY-len
Gethin – GETH-an
Griffin – GRIF-in
Hedwick – HEAD-wick
Ivi – EYE-vee
Jonty – JON-tee
Keelin – KEY-lynn
Killian – KILL-ee-an
Kitto – KIT-toe
Kongar – con-GAR
Kurag – CUR-ahg
Maelgwn – MAYL-goon
Maeve – MAY
Miniver – min-E-ver
Mistral – MISS-tra-el
Nerys – Ner-IS
Nicca – NICK-uh
Niceven – NIS-ah-ven
Nuline – NEW-lyn
Onilwyn – ON-ill-win
Pach – PAH-ch
Pasco – PASS-co
Phouka – POO-ka
Pol – PAHL
Rhys – REESE
Rosemerta – ROSE-mur-ta
Rozenwyn – roh-ZEN-win
Seelie – SEE-lee
Segna – SEG-na
Sholto – SHOLE-toe
Sidhe – SHE
Siobhan – SHE-oh-vin
Sithney – SITH-nee
Siun – Sigh-ON
Slaugh – SLEW-ah
Taranis – TAR-a-nis
Uar – ooh-ARE
Unseelie – UN-see-lee
Usna – OOSH-na
Uther – OOH-thur
Yannick – YAN-nick
Yule – YOUL


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