A Kiss of Shadows – Chapter 3: How can you be a southern belle if you’ve never traveled south of Mexico???


Chapter three begins with a character introduction: Teresa. Teresa is Gray’s resident psychic, standing 5’10” with long black hair and light brown skin. Teresa has some sidhe/fey blood in her, as evidenced by her natural abilities and also her slightly pointed ears. 
Merry points out that it’s become trendy for human sidhe-wannabes to get cartilage implants on the tops of their ears to make their ears pointy, as well as grow their hair to waist-length. Oh cool, so we now have a reason for all your characters to have super long hair, LKH.
Pro tip, dudes:
is not attractive. Ever.
Merry mentions that in her time working at Gray’s she’s made it a point to never touch Teresa. Teresa is apparently one of the most impressive touch clairvoyants that she has ever met, and Merry must do anything in her power to not let any of her friends/coworkers in on her true identity, lest they be murdered by her family and their allies. She also has to make a very extreme effort to not lie around her, as Teresa can pick up on that as well.
Teresa, Jeremy and Merry begin questioning Frances and Naomi about Frances’s husband. Naomi mentions that she was the last in a long line of mistresses. Frances had been aware of every mistress her husband had had, as her husband enjoyed showing her pictures of them. He enjoyed telling her all about their sexual feats, and  also rubbing in her face how much better each of them were at sex.

Naomi explains that she met Frances when Frances found her at a restaurant. She had walked up to Naomi and showed her bruises. They became friends and wanted to break free of Frances’s husband’s influence. Merry suggests that the way they react to one another that they have to be more than friends, even lovers. Because everything is about sex, you see?

Also, after Naomi and Frances divulge how they met, Teresa lets them know she finds it very brave of Frances to come forward as she did. LKH then writes THIS response to that:

“I’d always thought Teresa, though she’d never traveled farther south than Mexico, would have made an excellent Southern belle.”

UHWHAT. What does this even mean? Someone explain it to me, because I cannot seem to comprehend how this makes sense. what. 
Naomi explains how her sex fests with Frances’s husband started off normal, but started to quickly delve into areas Naomi wasn’t comfortable with, ending in all out rape.
Merry explains to us her familiarity with mixing pleasure and pain, as she was raised in the Unseelie Court of faeries, the dark court. Her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, helped to mold the Unseelie Court into her likeness, and as she is a sexual sadist, that is what the court became. Merry’s uncle, the King of Light and Illusion, reigned over the Seelie Court, the light court. Merry explains that although the Unseelie Court was into dark things, it was the more honest of the courts, because the Seelie Court hid their deep, dark secrets under mask of illusion.
Naomi mentions she met Frances’s husband through a personal ad in a newspaper. She felt drawn to him immediately upon reading the ad, and Merry and co assume he had placed a compulsion spell on the  ad, to draw Naomi to him. Well, not just Naomi, but anyone who may have fey or sidhe blood, those with power. Frances adds that most of her husband’s mistresses look fey, and that he called them his “royal whores”.
Royal whores. Cool.
Naomi says she thinks that the husband selected fey-looking women as part of “the ritual”. Once everyone at Grey’s hears this, they immediately begin grilling Naomi about what could make their sexual romps a ritual. Nothing from what she described made it seem ritualistic. Naomi mentions that sometimes the husband would bring in additional men for her to have sex with. Three of them she saw pretty often: Liam, Donald and Brendan. All tall, muscular, with long flowing hair and pointed ears. Merry and co start wondering if maybe there’s some sort of fey sex cult going on.
After some more questioning, they determine that the husband, Alistair Norton, was trying to gain his mistresses power through sex, the ritual being whatever he does to gain their power. Since Naomi is untrained in any sort of mystic or magical arts, she was able to freely give up her power when vulnerable, during sex. Norton had been feeding off her power through sex.
They determine that if Norton wants to feed off someone’s power during sex, they can use Merry’s power to lure him in.
Sounds like we’re in for a TREAT with  this next chapter. Decoy work!
Characters Introduced:
Alistair Norton: asshole, sexual sadist, after power.
Liam, Donald, and Brendan: some dudes who Naomi was fucking in group sex acts under Norton’s watch. Possibly fey or fey-wannabes. Muscular, like they lift weights, but I totally bet they ignore leg day.
Themes Introduced:
Unseelie Court: dark faerie court, ruled by the Queen of Air and Darkness, Merry’s aunt.
Seelie Court: light faerie court, ruled by the King of Light and Illusion, Merry’s uncle.

Sexiness level: I dunno, do you like hearing descriptions of group sex and rape?

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