Why you need an editor: Merry Gentry Series

So, for my first act of reviewing, I’m going to start with the Laurell K Hamilton Merry Gentry series. This is LKH’s second urban fantasy/erotica series, started some time after her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series became popular. Per the Wikipedia article, LKH decided to start a new series to focus on a character who “is totally comfortable with their sexuality” as opposed to Anita Blake, who constantly struggles against her new-found sexuality. Basically, a way to write sexy smut and not fight against a character originally asexually developed. 

I can’t fault her for that, honestly. 

What I can fault her for is how poorly written it is.

I’m not a great writer, I know this. I’m a novice trying to break into my first fiction foray. But I want to get better. LKH started off a pretty okay writer (hell, Jim Butcher, who is one of my FAVORITE authors, was inspired to write his successful Dresden Files series after reading some of her Anita Blake books) but after she introduced so much sex into her books, her quality took a serious nose-dive. But, she was now successful! Editors stop caring once success hits! Or something!

I’ve decided to review the Merry Gentry series not only because it contains fewer books, but also because it’s just fucking ridiculous. Some of the most insane things I have EVER read are contained in these novels. You, the three friends of mine who will actually read this, are in for a fucking TREAT.

It is my plan to get at least one chapter up per weekday. I am going to also create a post that will contain important information pertaining to the characters or any themes introduced during the books. 

So, enjoy my suffering. Tomorrow begins:
A Kiss of Shadows, Chapter One

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